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22.06.2017 | Transport infrastructure development objectives were discussed at a meeting in the State Customs Service

The State Customs Service hosted a meeting on the issues of fulfilling the country’s transport and transit potential in a context of the tasks set by President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov during an on-site meeting of the State Security Council on June 20.

22.06.2017 | Absolute World Champion Konstantin Tszyu is an honorable guest of the Boxing Championship of Turkmenistan

The National Boxing Championship started in Ashgabat that has brought together about 120 participants from all regions. The world-famous boxer Konstantin Tszyu came to our capital at the invitation of the National Boxing Federation to address the Turkmen boxers: “If the athlete has set a goal, he must make maximum efforts towards achieving it, K. Tszyu says, and the goal should be to gain maximum - no less than a victory in the championship of the planet”.

22.06.2017 | Around 2 million of LED-bulbs are produced for industrial and household premises

The production of the bulbs was developed by the specialists of Aydyn Gijeler Business Entity established with the support of the Ministry of Industry and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. Thousands of lighting appliances of domestic production came to the markets and counters of specialized shops of the country.

22.06.2017 | Miners of Garlyk potassium complex produce more than 100 000 tons of ore

It was just over a month since the opening of the largest in the Central Asia industrial complex when new facility achieved its first milestone – more than 1000 tons of ecologically clean mineral fertilizers were delivered to the farms of Lebap, Mary, Ahal, Dashoguz and Balkan Velayats. 10 specialized cargo rail carts were shipped by the railroad to the neighbouring Afghanistan.

22.06.2017 | A drywall producing enterprise is being built in Magdanly city, Lebap velayat

The workshops, intended for the production of dry gypsum mixes and plasterboard from local raw materials, will be located in the industrial zone of the existing in Magdanly enterprise for the manufacture of building materials.

22.06.2017 | TCOR is about to launch the new production - biaxial polypropylene film

The development of a new type of product, including packaging films of two types (transparent single-layered and co-extruded, i.e. multi-layered) is carried out with the participation of “P.T.Istana karang Laut” Company (Indonesia) that performed building and installation works at the plant.

22.06.2017 | The President of Turkmenistan: Cultural and art workers to make deserving contribution to Asian Games

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed the participants of the Cultural Week started in Turkmen capital.

21.06.2017 | Round table on cooperation with the UN was held at the Foreign Ministry

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan hosted a round table on "United Nations - Central Asia: Historical, Economic and Social Aspects of Enhancing Regional Integration".

21.06.2017 | "International Economic Cooperation-2017" Exhibition was completed

In Ashgabat, the universal exhibition “International Economic Cooperation-2017” organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry was completed.

21.06.2017 | President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov congratulates the compatriots on the Night of Power

For thousands of years, the Turkmens formed the riches traditions and moral principles, which has deep philosophic essence – to keep moral purity, to be honest, upright and noble and to respect each other. Our people, adherent to the principles of nobility, honour and high moral, made large input to the formation of cultural and ethnic values and standards, - the message says.


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