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26.10.2018 | Integrated preparation to the world weightlifting championship is completed

Sportsmen from around 100 countries of Africa, Europe, Asia, America and Oceania will participate in the competitions. Around 800 sportsmen, 300 coaches, 45 referees and doctors, 70 representatives of mass media and more than 100 employees of International Weightlifting Federation – 1,500 people all together, are expected. 201 medals – 67 gold, 67 silver and 67 bronze medals, will be contested. 500 volunteers from the universities of Turkmenistan were trained.

26.10.2018 | The President of Turkmenistan gives orders on development of Turkmen – Japanese cooperation

At the session of the Government on October 26, Vice-premier, Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rashid Meredov reported on the outcomes of working visit of Turkmenistan delegation to Japan.

26.10.2018 | The country to produce more than 20,000 knitted articles

Annual production of 23 thousand of knitted articles has been arranged in the workshop of Ashgabat Fashion House of the Ministry of Textile Industry under the realization of the State programme on import substitutive production. Provision of the workshop with advanced equipment as well as modern machine tools allowed producing various jumpers for adults and children and sport suits. It was reported to the Head of the State by Vice-premier K. Durdymyradov at the session of the Government.

26.10.2018 | Turkmenistan takes measures for development of Lazuli transcontinental route

Information about the measures taken for establishment of transport and transit cooperation in transnational Lapis – Lazuli Route was presented at the session of the Government on October 26.

26.10.2018 | Turkmen delegation to take part in the session of the Council of the Heads of the Governments of the CIS members

Turkmen delegation chaired by Vice-premier G. Myradov will take part in the session of the Council of the Heads of the Governments of the CIS members in Astana on November 2. The agenda will include wide spectrum of subjects of cooperation on the Commonwealth space including in economic and social spheres, energy and other. This information was presented at the session of the Government on October 26.

26.10.2018 | Entrepreneurs Boost Import-Substitution Manufacturing

A solemn commissioning ceremony of the particleboard manufacturing plant with the annual capacity of 20 thousand cubic meters took place in Oguzhan district of Mary province.

26.10.2018 | ADB plans to make investments into regional projects, implemented by Turkmenistan

The strategy on the diversification of the national economy of Turkmenistan is oriented to the establishment of high-productive and innovative industrial enterprises, the development of the communications, transit and transport infrastructure, the increase of the export potential of the country.

26.10.2018 | Democracy and Right magazine speaks of key vectors of the state policy

Regular issue of quarterly magazine published by the Institute of State, Right and Democracy of Turkmenistan highlights key direction of the state policy, gives information and analytical materials opening the meaning and character of the reforms and democratic changes in the country.

26.10.2018 | Regular session of authorised representatives of Caspian states takes place

Regular session of authorised representatives of Caspian states organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry and the State Department on Caspian Affairs under the President of Turkmenistan has finished its work in Turkmen capital. Leading experts of profile structures in this sphere from Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russian and Turkmenistan took part in the meeting.

26.10.2018 | Turkmenistan – USA: Business partnership for Sustainable Development Goals

Turkmen capital hosted regular political consultations between Turkmenistan and USA. Delegation chaired by Deputy Assistant Secretary of United States of America for Central Asia affairs Emilia Puma.


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