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02.09.2018 | Turkmenistan national team – three medals of the World Nomad Games

The athletes from Turkmenistan won three medals of the III World Nomad Games in the Kyrgyz Republic.

02.09.2018 | Turkmensitan improves the cooperation in transit air cargo transportation

AN225 ‘Mriya” (Antonov Air Transport Wing, Ukraine) made technical landing for fuelling in Mary International Airport on September 1.

02.09.2018 | The President of Turkmenistan visits Ahalteke Equestrian Complex

Early in the morning on Sunday, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov went to Ahalteke Equestrian Complex where he spent time working on new book and taking care of gracious and sensitive ahalteke horses.

01.09.2018 | Turkmen sportsmen finish 2018 Asian Games

Our sportsmen had fights in sambo tournament in the final day of XVIII Asian Games. Two Turkmen sportsmen competed in the weight category up to 90 kg.

01.09.2018 | Turkmenistan marks the Day of Knowledge and Students

School bells rung in the morning have announced about the beginning of new educational year on the Day of Knowledge and Students. School and university students of the capital took part in the flower laying ceremony to the Monument of Independence and to the monument of Berdimuhamed Annayev in secondary school No. 27 of Yzgant village, Gyoktepe etrap, Ahal Velayat. All educational facilities held the meetings where addressing of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with advice to young generation in the world of knowledge and great discoveries has been read out.

01.09.2018 | Amount of export transactions at the trades of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan is around 75 million US dollars

169 transactions have been registered at the trades of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan last week.

01.09.2018 | President of Turkmenistan: Lifting National Education System to Global Level - a Priority in State Policy-making

I express to you my congratulations on Knowledge and Students’ Day, and on the beginning of the new academic year 2018-2019, states Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in his address to schoolchildren, students, teachers and educational personnel.

31.08.2018 | Visit of the President of Turkmenistan to New York for participation in the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly is planned on September 29 – October 2

At the session of the Government on August 31, Vice-premier, Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov has informed about the preparation to important international events.

31.08.2018 | International exhibition dedicated to the development of energy to be held on September 6 – 8

International exhibition and scientific conference “The main directions of development of energy industry of Turkmenistan” will be held in Ashgabat on September 6 – 8. This year, the participation of the representatives of profile companies and private sector is planned in specialized exhibition organized by the Ministry of Energy and the Trade and Industrial Chamber. Such subjects as the attraction of foreign investments, modernization of generating and distribution facilities and energy saving will be discussed at the forum.

31.08.2018 | Participants of Amul – Hazar rally 2018 to be supplied by gasoline and diesel fuel of Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex

The President of Turkmenistan signed the Resolution, having assigned Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex to provide free of charge up to 200 tons of A-95 gasoline as well as up to 200 tons of ECO 5diesel fuel according to actual consumption to transport and equipment of the participants of International rally Amul – Hazar 2018 from Turkmenistan and foreign countries as well as to the support personnel according to the order of the Ministry of Interior.


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