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14.04.2019 | Galkynysh Equestrian Group takes part in the opening ceremony of International Exhibition Mara'ee-2019 in Manama

By the invitation of the King of Bahrain, Galkynysh National Equestrian Group took part in the opening ceremony of International livestock exhibition Mara'ee-2019, which is held annually in Manama, the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

13.04.2019 | Current trends of development of trade and service sphere are discussed in Turkmen capital

Two-day exhibition and fair “Trade and Services 2019”, which was organized by the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan, has opened in the expositions centre of the Trade and Industrial Chamber. Profile review, which brought together around 200 local and foreign exhibitors, gives the opportunity to trace the trends and estimate the outcomes of steadfast work for provision of abundance in local market.

13.04.2019 | Transactions concluded at the SCRMET amount to USD 81 million

54 transactions were concluded at the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan.

13.04.2019 | Composition of Turkmen – French Intergovernmental Commission is approved

For further development of cooperation between Turkmenistan and the French Republic, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed the Resolution on approval of the composition of the Intergovernmental Turkmen – French Commission for economic cooperation from Turkmen side.

12.04.2019 | Gaynarbaba in Koytendag: One of Much-Loved Tourist and Pilgrimage Destinations

At the enlarged Cabinet meeting on April 12, the head of state highlighted that this year, designated as ‘Turkmenistan – the Land of Prosperity’, particular emphasis should be given to extensive media coverage of our country’s progress and achievements, and upcoming festivities and other cultural events aimed to popularize the Turkmen nation’s unique heritage worldwide should boast a high degree of organization.

12.04.2019 | Outcomes of the country development for January – March are summed up at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers where the outcomes of the first quarter of the year have been discussed and priority objectives of social and economic development of the country have been discussed.

12.04.2019 | Turkmenistan-Afghanistan: cooperation in the water management sphere

The Turkmen-Afghan Coordination Group on water management issues held a regular session in the conference hall of the Archabil Hotel.

12.04.2019 | International Monetary Fund predicts high GDP growth in Turkmenistan

On March 26 - April 9, the IMF mission, led by Natalia Tamirisa visited Ashgabat to assess the development of the macroeconomic and financial situation, discuss the priorities of the economic policy of Turkmenistan, as well as global economic challenges.

12.04.2019 | Turkmenistan expands the cooperation in bilateral and multilateral formats

Our neutral country successfully develops the relations of friendship and constructive cooperation both in bilateral and multilateral formats. It was informed in the report of the Vice-premier, Head of Foreign Ministry Rashid Meredov on the outcomes of the first quarter of the year.

12.04.2019 | The economy of Turkmenistan demonstrates stable growth

Outcomes of the first quarter demonstrate that the economy of Turkmenistan is steadily developed. The growth rates of the GDP remains on 6.2 percent level from the beginning of the year.


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