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28.01.2019 | The President of Turkmenistan approves the decision of the session of National trade Unions Centre and the central Council of the Women Union

By the Resolution of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the decision of the IV session of National Trade Unions Centre from January 26, 2019 on release of Gurbangul Bayramova from the post of the Chairperson of National Trade Union Centre of Turkmenistan due to retirement was approved.

28.01.2019 | Digital Economy Development Strategy: Roadmap for Technological Transformation

The 2025 Digital Economy Development Strategy, which is well underway in Turkmenistan, is a roadmap launched to drive technological transformation in all sectors, provide state management, and build a knowledge-based economy, making full use of the country’s enormous resource and industrial potential.

27.01.2019 | Turkmenistan marks the Motherland Defender Day

Turkmenistan widely observed the Motherland Defender Day and the 27th anniversary of the formation of National Army.

27.01.2019 | Two residential buildings are put into operation in administrative centre of Lebap Velayat

Turkmenabat hosted the events on occasion of opening if two new 4-storey residential buildings. The buildings have been erected in the southern part of the city by the personnel of Zerger Ferro Concrete Material Plant and are designated for the personnel and their families of Lebap Velayat Police Department.

27.01.2019 | The Armed Forces of Turkmenistan are 27 years

As for today, National Army includes motorized, tank, missile forces and artillery, Air Forces and Navy, marines, anti-aircraft, special forces civil defence and rescue works divisions and other.

27.01.2019 | President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Congratulates Military Servicemen on Defenders of the Fatherland Day

I extend to you my cordial congratulations on the 27th founding anniversary of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan and Defenders of the Fatherland Day! This day reflects the enormous trust and endless respect towards the National Army that defends the country’s independence, its sovereignty, inviolability of the borders and the constitutional order, the President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Turkmenistan’s Armed Forces, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, says in his address to officers, cadets and servicemen of the Armed Forces.

26.01.2019 | Gurbangul Atayeva is elected as the Chairperson of the Central Council of the Women Union and National Trade Unions Centre

The Centre of Public Organizations hosted IX session of the Central Council of the Women Union and IV session of National Trade Unions Centre where directions of activity of these public associations have been discussed.

26.01.2019 | Central election Committee discusses the preparation to the election of the Mejlis deputies, members of the People’s Council and Gengeshys to replace outgoing members

Session of the Central Election and Referendum Committee of Turkmenistan dedicated to the preparation of the election of the Mejlis deputies, members of the People’s Council and Gengeshys to replace outgoing members was held. Members and personnel of the Central Committee, representatives of working groups formed up under the Committee, national observers from political parties and non-governmental organizations and mass media took part in the meeting.

26.01.2019 | Production of fuel and energy complex, construction materials and textile are leading at the exchange trade session

34 transactions have been registered at the trades of the State Commodity and Raw Material Exchange last week.

25.01.2019 | Outcomes of activity of security forces in 2018 are reviewed at the extended session of the State Security Council

President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held extended session of the State Security Council where outcomes of activity of military and law enforcement agencies of the country in 2018, provision of peace and security, further improvement off equipment and facilities base of security forces have been reviewed. Priority tasks of these departments in 2019 has also been discussed.


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