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04.11.2019 | Turkmen leader discusses urban construction and development of Ashgabat with Hyakim of the capital

Opening working video conference session on November 4, the President called Hyakim of Ashgabat Sh. Durdiliyev who reported on the situation in the capital, large-scale activity for development of the city, maintenance of cleanness in the etraps as well as on organization of coming celebrations.

04.11.2019 | The President of Turkmenistan congratulates personnel of Ahal Velayat on work achievement

“Let me extend my congratulations on fulfilment of contractual obligations for production of the cotton! I wish you strong health, family happiness and further success in work!” – the message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed to personnel of Ahal Velayat, who produced more than 270,000 tons of raw cotton, says.

03.11.2019 | Petroleum products, textile and sheet glass are on the top of the SCRMET trades by number of export transactions

15 transactions have been registered at the trades of the State Commodity and raw Material Exchange of Turkmenistan last week.

03.11.2019 | The State Commodity and Raw Material Exchange of Turkmenistan to hold online trade sessions

At the session of the Government on November 1, Vice-premier Chary Gylyjov informed the Head of the State about improvement of activity of the State Commodity and Raw Material Exchange according to the Concept of Digital Economy.

03.11.2019 | Intergovernmental Turkmen-Tadjik Commission holds a meeting in Ashgabat

The Intergovernmental Turkmen-Tajik Commission on trade and economy, scientific and technological cooperation held the 9th meeting in Ashgabat. The meeting brought together the heads and specialists of ministries and departments of friendly states.

03.11.2019 | Conference Marking Central State Archive’s 90th Anniversary

A conference, celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Central State Archive (CSA), has taken place in a conference hall of the Main Archives Department under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan.

01.11.2019 | The President of Turkmenistan and members of the Cabinet of Ministers discuss priorities of the state development

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held regular video conference session of the Cabinet of Ministers where current issues of the state life have been discussed.

01.11.2019 | Vice-premier Gochmyrat Myradov is reprimanded

By the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Gochmyrat Myradov was reprimanded for unsatisfactory fulfilment of his duties and failures in his work with the last warning to correct all admitted deficiencies as soon as possible.

01.11.2019 | Regulations for leasing of state-owned property is approved

For improvement of the order of leasing of the state-owned property according to the Law of Turkmenistan on Lease, the President of Turkmenistan signed the Resolution approving the Regulations for leasing of the state-owned property.

01.11.2019 | The President of Turkmenistan to pay official visit to Italy

Official visit of the President of Turkmenistan to the Republic of Italy, by outcomes of which it is planned to sign big number of documents of intergovernmental and interdepartmental levels as well as in private sector, which would significantly supplement regulatory and legal framework base of cooperation and would serve to its expansion in many directions, will take place on November 6 – 7.


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