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Main directions of investment policy of Turkmenistan for the next seven years are outlined

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Speaking at the session of the Council of the Elders, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov outlined the main directions of investment policy of Turkmenistan for 2018 – 2024 and the growth points of industrial complex of the country.

Particularly, it was mentioned that total volume of power energy produced in the country will be brought to 33 billion kilowatts per hours by 2024 what is 27.2 percent more comparing with 2018.

At the same time, construction of petrochemical complex for production of polypropylene, polyvinylchloride, caustic soda, sulphuric acid and liquefied chlorine is planned in Kiyanly settlement of Balkan Velayat.

Carbamide plane with 1 155 000 tons of annual production is planned to be commissioned in the city of Garabogaz, Balkan Velayat. It will be the largest enterprise for carbamide production in the country.

Increase of iodine and bromine production as well as other products based on iodine and bromine water processing is planned in Balkan Velayat. As the result, the production of technical iodine will increase 2.3 times for seven years and in 2024 the export volume of this product will exceed one thousand tons.

Turkmenbashy International Seaport, one of the largest centres of transport infrastructure of the country, will be established under implementation of the Programme.

Besides, the construction of the complex for production of 300 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate and 450 thousand tons of carbamide per annum will be started in Mary in 2022. The construction of this facility is to be completed in 2026.

At the same time, it is planned to draw the investments for putting into operation of the enterprise for production of 300 thousand tons of concentrated phosphate fertilizers on the base of Turkmenabat Chemical Plant in 2021. This project is aimed at provision of domestic agriculture with this type of fertilizers.

Comparing with 2018, the volume of mineral fertilizers produced in the country in 2024 will increase 1.6 times and will make 3 825 000 tons. 74.5 percent of this production will be exported to external markets.

It is planned to build modern airport with throughput capacity of 100 passengers per hours each in Atamyrat, Lebap Velayat and Garabogaz, Balkan Velayat in 2019 – 2021.

1 300 000 000 manats are to be sent for the development of domestic outer space activity in 2018 – 2024. Make and launch of another satellite are also in the plans.

Considerable investment volumes will be developed in health protection and introduction of modern technologies. Measures for expansion of sport infrastructure are also to be taken.

The President of Turkmenistan has also said that average salary will be increase annually for 10 percent in 2018 – 2024.


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