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Session of the Council of the Elders undergoes in Turkmenistan

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Regular session of the Council of the Elders of Turkmenistan chaired by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has started in White Yurta building in Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal Velayat.

The agenda of nation-wide forum includes priority tasks of further comprehensive development of the country and implementation of social, economic and democratic reforms.

While being one of the ancient institution of Turkmen society administration, today, the Council of the Elders embodies unbreakable tie of times and generations, invariable commitment of our people to wise behests of the ancestors and its democratic traditions that have old history.

Members of the Government, leaders of the Mejlis, ministries and departments, military and law enforcement agencies, political parties and non-governmental organizations, hyakims of the velayats, cities and etraps, deputies of National Parliament, personnel of different branches of national economy, youth are among the participants of the session. There are also Turkmenistan Ambassadors to foreign countries and heads of diplomatic missions accredited in our country, mass media representatives. Certainly, the elders and women representatives of elder generation are respected the honoured participants of the forum.

President of Turkmenistan, Chairman of the Council of the Elders Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has announced the opening of the session.

After National Anthem of Turkmenistan and the members of the panel of the Council of the Elders took their places, the Head of the state addressed his speech to them.


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