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The President of Turkmenistan: our dialogue with Russia is not subject to external conjuncture

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The cultural-humanitarian relations always played a special role in the Turkmen-Russian relations, served as a strong bridge of mutual understanding, trust, deep respect and sympathy of peoples of Turkmenistan and Russia.

In our country they know and love multinational Russian culture, literature, language and at the state level they promote their popularisation and development, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov told at the negotiations held in the Palace complex "Oguzhan" with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

At the 71st comprehensive school of Turkmenistan classes in Russian operate, in the capital there is the Russian drama theatre and on a regular basis educational, scientific and fiction works are published in Russian. A bright symbol of cooperation in the field is the joint Turkmen-Russian secondary school named after A.S.Pushkin in Ashgabat.

Our country welcomes traditionally active interaction in the cultural sphere. With great success in last year in two Russian cities - Moscow and Vladimir – there were held Days of culture of Turkmenistan. And in Ashgabat masters of arts from Tatarstan within the e Days of culture of the Republic were held in Turkmenistan.

Now in the Turkmen capital Days of culture of the Russian Federation are held. A reciprocal visit of Turkmen creative collectives to Russia in 2018 is planned. Cooperation in the field of cinematography, publishing, circus art, sports develops. We are firmly adjusted for continuation of this dialogue, the Turkmen leader stated.

Contacts in the sphere of education are traditional as well. For today in high schools of the Russian Federation thousands of students from our country are trained. Turkmenistan is grateful to the Russian partners for the invariable assistance rendered in preparation of young experts. As a whole, appeal of high schools of Russia grows in our country which was confirmed by the Russian education fair taken place in April this year.

The good impulse receives cooperation in interuniversity and academic spheres. During Vladimir Putin's present visit Agreements between a number of leading high schools and centres of science of Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation will be also signed, and it is an important indicator of mutual interest, opens teamwork prospects on a systematic basis.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted also favourable possibilities for interaction in the sports sphere. It is not the first year that famous Russian sportsmen and trainers participate in preparation of Turkmen sportsmen in various sports and we intend to continue this practice, the head of the state told.

He expressed gratitude to the high delegation of Russia which was present as guests of honour at the 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games which were successfully completed few days ago in Ashgabat. The games were widely covered in the Russian mass media that too promotes popularisation of sports cooperation, rapprochement and mutual understanding of our people.

As the President of Turkmenistan underlined, today's summit and negotiations have shown that relations of Turkmenistan and Russian Federation are based on a strong base of good neighbourhood, equality and mutual respect. They are relied upon accurate and clear principles, comprehension of huge bilateral potential in maintenance of peace and safety, development of trade and economic, investment, cultural-humanitarian interaction.

The Turkmen-Russian cooperation has a strategic character, it is not subject to external conjuncture and an important factor of stability and steadiness of processes both in the region and all over the world, the head of the state told, having noticed that this visit of the President of Russia has even more strengthened bilateral partnership, concretised its development in various spheres, has given distinct reference points for the further joint activity.


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