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Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: V Asian Games demonstrated our colossal contribution to assertion of peace and friendship on the planet

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President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov spoke at the award ceremony of the sportsmen and coaches of national teams on September 28.

With special pride I would like to note the great triumph of the representatives of national team at the Asian Games. They won 89 gold, 70 silver and 86 bronze, all together 245 medals, having demonstrated rapid development of the sports in independent Turkmenistan to the world, - the Head of the State noted.

Current Games have entered the ranks of historical events of special importance for our country that confidently advances along the way of peace, progress and creation and for international community. The competitions revealed colossal sport potential of the country. Victories of our sportsmen have brought V Asian Games to higher level.

I sincerely wish to continue deservingly representing independent neutral Turkmenistan at international regional and world level sport competitions to our athletes. I also call upon to put all efforts for the development of the Olympic movement, consolidation of peace and understanding between the nations of the planet, - the President has said.

Physical training and sport, healthy lifestyle are important values, which are not limited only by physical training of the individual but also improve the world outlook. These values are the key indicators providing harmonic social, economic and cultural development of our state.

We consider physical training and sports as strong resource that consolidates our society and inspiring us for great achievements. In this context, the development of this sphere, provision of spiritual perfection and physical fitness of our citizens are announced us one of the priorities of the state policy.

Following these objectives, we adopted the state programmes of support and development of physical training and sports, training of the sportsmen of high qualification, formed developed infrastructure with reliable sport base meeting modern requirements in our country. Under realization of national reformation programmes, we send considerable investments to the development of mass physical training and health improving movement and to the sports of high achievements. We have built sport complexes meeting international standards in all regions of the country including in Avaza National tourist zone and excellent Olymoic village in Ashgabat, - Turkmen leader highlighted.

I would like to mention it with the pride that the Declaration of International Sports Congress “2017 Asian Games: International Sport Cooperation for Peace and Progress” was adopted as a document of the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly and the Declaration on Encouragement of Valuable Input of the Olympic Refugee Teams to Consolidation of Peace and Human Rights initiated by our side was unanimously adopted at the 36th session of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva (Switzerland).

All of these are historical events indicating the recognition of the growth of international authority of neutral Turkmenistan and its decisive activity in the world sport arena.

I would like to make special mention of the activity of volunteers. I think it will not be an overstatement to say that they have done a lot of work for conduct of V Asian Games. During the Games, thousands of voluntary assistants demonstrated high culture and respect, cordiality and hospitality inherent to our people to foreign sportsmen and guests. I fully support the participation of our youth in political, economic, cultural and sport lige of the country, - the President has said.

Physical and spiritual health improves the confidence of an individual. Our boys and girls has to develop the habit to do sports to live long life and be healthy. We rely on our youth in successful implementation of great objectives, which can be achieved only by creative work, physical and spiritual perfection and firm confidence in success.

Every success in the sports depends on reliable base. We develop our sports for many years. The sportsmen, sport associations, National Olympic Committee, the State Committee of Turkmenistan for Sports, all of us together put large efforts for this.

It is not occasional that our sportsmen achieve high results in international competitions. All of these is an impressive result of these joint efforts.

V Asian Games that united millions of people improved the prestige of Turkmenistan in international sport arena, having brightly demonstrated our colossal contribution to assertion of peace and friendship on the planet.

Turkmenistan will continue developing physical training and sports rapidly. I am firmly confident that our youth will make deserving contribution in improvement of sport authority of our country at international competitions, - President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said.

I sincerely congratulate you with your prizes! I wish you string health, prosperous and happy life, new successes in your work for improvement of international authority of the country, - the head of the State said at the end of his speech.


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