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The President of Turkmenistan made personnel appointments

опубликованно 25.09.2017 // 1100 - просмотров

By the Ukase of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Babajan Ataevich Allanazarov was appointed as khyakim of Murgab etrap, Mary velayat.

In accordance with the Resolutions of the head of state, Hoshgeldi Muhammetberdievich Mergenov was appointed as Deputy Minister of Industry of Turkmenistan; Oguljeren Amanmuhammedovna Atamyradova – deputy khyakim of Tejen city, Akhal velayat; Amanbili Meretmuhammedovna Atanazarova – deputy khyakim of Altyn Asyr etrap, Akhal velayat; Kerim Kakalyevich Kichiev – deputy khyakim of Sarakhs etrap, Akhal velayat; Surai Dovrangeldievna Jepbarova – deputy khyakim of Atamyrat etrap, Lebap velayat; Jemile Allaberdievna Muhammedova – deputy khyakim of Turkmenkala etrap, Mary velayat.


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