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Media Center at Olympic Village Has Significant Technological Capabilities and Innovative Resources

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Over 500 foreign journalists are working in Turkmenistan these days, providing prompt coverage of the course of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. The Media Center of the Olympic Village guarantees efficient and operational work of foreign media professionals. Accredited press have the best contemporary technology at their disposal, they are provided with connection to their editorial offices and with comfortable work rooms.

537 journalists from 82 countries are working at the Center for International Broadcasting and Press. They have uninterrupted access to various communication channels and provide live coverage of Ashgabat 2017 Games.

Thanks to ultramodern technical equipment and high-quality video footage from different points along the perimeter of sports arenas, media professionals provide live broadcast of the events.

Main information platform of the Olympic Village is located in a 4-storey building of modern design that has separate studios for recording programs and interviews, where journalists can screen high-quality videos with participants of the Games, and hold Q&A sessions with them in a comfortable setting.

Equipment rooms and auxiliary facilities for the staff of broadcasting companies, newspapers, magazines and news agencies are equipped with modern technology that allows instant sharing of information with the audience in video, photo, sound and text formats.

Layout of the Media Center suggests concurrent work of hundreds of journalists in a comfortable environment, where each of them is granted free space for creative and technical work.

On the first floor of the Center the following are located: Press Conference Hall for 260 seats where meetings with high-level guests, athletes and their managers are held throughout the Games.

The Center also has specialized open-space offices for 62 photographers. Making various illustrations and taking photographs, they can edit and publish them in highest resolution.

The second floor of the Media Center has offices for 98 persons. The same level locates the technical control room, where specialists can control the compliance of transmissions with production quality standards; the signal distribution room and the central control room.

Signal relay center for commentators, and broadcast control rooms operating in 4K format that allows transmitting HD videos through 3G and 4G cellular networks are also placed here. Separate office is intended for the staff of broadcast control rooms.

The building also has radio broadcast and radio broadcast control rooms; the maintenance group; edit control room; non-linear edit, graphic, format converting; and materials description rooms.

The second floor has the offices of the International Olympic Committee. The third floor is home to open-space media offices for 98 persons; server control room of the Data Center, and technical rooms. The fourth floor locates studios for interview sessions; the studio control room, and the room for preparing the meetings.

Thus, one venue, designated to broadcast 5th AIMAG-related programs and interviews over radio and television, contains all of broadcasting telecommunication equipment – for delivering and distributing programs; preparing and broadcasting reports of the Games. Everything here is intended to guarantee the comfortable surrounding and efficient work of media professionals.

Moreover, mobile TV stations are located in the Olympic Village, allowing recording of HD videos and their broadcast from any point.

The Media Center has immense technological capabilities and innovative resources. All stages of the process, from gathering, storing, processing information to modeling programs and decision-making in live coverage of the events at the 5th Asiad, are built on the basis of the latest advances in the broadcasting industry. This makes the sports competitions more attractive for the millions of viewers; captures the spirit and the atmosphere of celebration, the energy of competitions, the joy of wins and the triumph of records.


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