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Turkmen belt wrestlers win 5 bronze medals

опубликованно 20.09.2017 // 1279 - просмотров

The second day of belt wrestling competitions of V Asian Games was continued by classic discipline meetings. Our athletes demonstrate good results in this sport.

14 Turkmen wrestlers were qualified for the final and two fights would be only between two Turkmen sportsmen. The winners will be defined in the second half of the day.

Bronze medals winners have been already defined. These are Myrathan Azadov (55 kg), Agajan Tachmuhammedov (60 kg), Orazmyrat Orazmyradov (70 kg), Gulfiya Jumayeva (55 kg), Dinara Halliyeva (65 kg).

Kurash wrestling competitions have started as well. This is another type of martial arts where national team is expected to demonstrate high results.


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