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New Petrochemical Complex Being Designed in Turkmenistan

опубликованно 25.08.2017 // 1853 - просмотров

Works are underway to design the new petrochemical complex to be built near Kiyanly settlement in Balkan province.

The complex is projected to process approximately 2 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 117 thousand tons of sodium chloride annually. It is expected to produce 390 thousand tons of polypropylene; 200 thousand tons of linear low-density polyethylene; 100 thousand tons of polyvinylchloride; 82 thousand tons of caustic soda; 10 thousand tons of hydrochloric acid and 10 thousand tons of liquid chlorine every year.

This major investment project will be implemented together with foreign partners who possess the relevant technology. Currently, proposals from the participants of the international tender are being analyzed.


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