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Construction industry of Turkmenistan: Innovations, entrepreneurship initiative and diversification

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Large-scale construction expanded in the regions and the capital is an important indicator of rapid development of national economy of the country. At present moment, there are 1900 large facilities under construction, where 1800 are being built by domestic enterprises. The plan for total volume of production, works and services is executed for 112.6 percent by the ministry of Industry for six months of this year.

Systematic growth of construction volumes requires unstoppable provision of this sphere with building materials what is achieved by establishment of new profile enterprises and reconstruction of existing ones, implementation of advanced technologies. High quality production enhance further consolidation of material base of construction and industrial branches.

Production of cement is priority direction of building materials industry. The plants of the country make the most required brands of cement. This is Portland cement of increased durability, which is used during construction of multi-storey buildings and other facilities in seismic zone. Besides, production of grouting cement for oil and gas industry as well as sulphate-resistant cement used during making foundation, construction of bridge pillars and other hydro technical facilities is arranged.

Other enterprises of the branch, in particular metallurgic and aerated concrete plants in Ovadan-depe, make their contribution to the diversification of national economy.

Raw material for production of aerated concrete are the cement, quarts sand, lime and gypsum, which are delivered from the deposits and enterprises of the country in necessary volumes.

Aerated concrete constructions provide the structures with number of advantages comparing with other building materials. Based on heat-insulation characteristics, 30 cm of aerated concrete is equal to 75 – 90 cm of expanded clay concrete or 1.5 metres of bricks. Owing to such unique features of the concrete, it is cool in summer and warm in winter in the buildings made this material. That is why it is necessary to take less efforts for support of optimum microclimate what gives good economy during exploitation and considerable reduction of expenses.

Metal-roll and different size construction reinforcement steel are the production of metallurgic plant. The enterprises of Turkemndemirbetononymlery Production Association produce and supply wall panels and reinforced blocks, expanded clay, prefabricated Ferro concrete items, ceramic bricks, stone tiles and panels and other.

Ashgabat and Abadan large panel construction plants, designed for manufacturing of Ferro concrete construction for building of multi-storey living houses and cottages, considerably increased their potential. Entering full production output allowed increasing the volumes of living construction for one thousand apartments per year more.

It is worth mentioning that capabilities of multipurpose construction industry of the velayats have considerably grown. Tens of thousands tons of production per day are delivered daily to the facilities, which are being built in the region, by asphalt and concrete plant in Turkmenbashy. This is a modern computerized industrial complex is an enterprises with closed work cycle. Together with 150 tons per hour hot asphalt production unit, it includes ore mine, crushing and distribution section.

New technology lines are installed at Turkmenbashy non-metallic and building materials factory, which specializes in production of crushed stone, gravel, washed sand, rubble stone used in decoration of landscaping architecture as well as bulk rocks necessary for construction of roads, dams, dykes, shoreline protection and other facilities. The list of the items produced by the factory contains ceramic bricks, roofing tiles and gypsum. Lime produced of carbonate chalkstone is on high demand.

Production volumes of bricks, reinforcement steel, metallic shapes, plastic and glass fibre pipes were increased. Rich deposits of natural resources allows increasing production of expanded clay, which main component is a claystone produced at Yagman deposit in Balkan Velayat. Tile and china clay plants were built near Jebel settlement.

Turkmenabat and Dashoguz have profile plants of Demirbetononumlery associations with production output of 50 000 cubic metres of different Ferro concrete items per year.

Industrial complex for production of hydro insulating materials provided with modern equipment in Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal velayat produces tar paper and foil insulation items using domestic material. The capacity of the plant is 10 million of square meters of production per annum what entirely covers domestic demand.

Entrepreneurship activity became one of the efficient direction of construction industry. It is visually indicated by number of industrial facilities built by members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. There is an inert building materials plant with production output 70 000 cubic meters per annum among them in Kaahka etrap, Ahal velayat.

Almost all velayats have their own cement factories where trade network for sale of the cement by fixed price is expanded for complete and timely satisfaction of consumer demand.

Enterprises and workshops for production of variety of building materials, textile, mineral productions, household chemicals, furniture, which successfully replace imported analog in internal market, are opened all over.

New enterprise for production of decoration materials will be set up in Magdanly, Lebap velayat. It is planned to produce 100 000 tons of dry mixtures for finishing of the walls and 12 million square meters of plasterboards per year.

Floating method of glass production is among the new industrial technologies in our country. This technology gave start to the project for construction of large complex for production of silica sand used as a main material for glass production.

The work for establishment of enterprises producing new items from local materials – superfine basalt fibre and heat-insulation and composite materials on its base, is continued. This production is demanded not only on internal market but abroad as well.

Defining further development of electronic industry among key objectives, Leader of the Nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that today, not a single branch of the economy is able to sustain without electronic equipment and high technologies, on procurement and implementation of which huge investments are spent.

The country establishes production of electronic, electro technical goods and other import substitutive productions. Considerable role is given here to domestic entrepreneurs who orient in their work on use of local materials and advanced solutions.

Thus, the development of industrial sector in Turkmenistan is aimed at the volumes and quality growth of domestic goods, increase of their variety and competiveness not ony in internal but also on foreign market. This is one of the main objectives of efficient social and economic strategy combining the main tools of industrialization – import substitution and export orientation of the production.

An important role is given here to international cooperation, first of all, in training of professional personnel, mastering of advanced practices, stimulation of scientific and technical studies, application of modern energy saving and environmentally friendly technologies, realization of beneficial projects, investments including the foreign one.


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