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The main theme of the third day of the Week of Culture was continuity

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of a large-scale creative activity in the State Historical and Cultural Reserve “Nisa”.

Monuments of the unique culture of the Parthian kingdom, the fortifications of Old and New Nisa preserve traces of an ancient civilization combining its own cultural traditions with elements of ancient Greek and Roman art. Participants of the Culture Week got acquainted with the history of monuments of the reserve kept in the museum, study of finds of archaeologists, learned about the latest scientific discoveries.

On the ruins of the Parthian fortresses, which in 2007 were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, famous scientists from different countries searched for the secrets of ancient history and made it possible to understand many aspects of life of the capital of the Parthian Empire, which had cultural and commercial ties with Rome, India, China, and others.

Today the museums of Turkmenistan keep priceless Nisa treasures. Among them - ivory rhythons, which have become one of the most expressive symbols of the cultural heritage of our country, as well as white marble sculptures, ceramics and metal products, the remains of picturesque panels with battle scenes, monuments of Parthian writing.

Relevant issues of further study and popularization of the national historical and cultural heritage were reflected in the agenda of the scientific and practical conference held at the Museum of Fine Arts. Archaeologists, restorers, experts of museums, artists, art historians, scientists, teachers and students of creative schools, and journalists were invited to participate in it.
During the conference, reports were heard on the results of archaeological surveys conducted in different regions of the country, and discoveries found during the spring season. Among them are items from the famous medieval settlement of Dandanakan on the territory of Mary velayat. The most surprising and unexpected discovery was a small faience statue of a dog that conveys the native qualities of Turkmen Alabai with great realism. This exhibit took center stage in the current exposition of archaeological finds.

Within the framework of the Week of Culture, the film “Seyis” was shown at the “Ashgabat” cinema center. Before the session, the filmmakers told the audience about the process of work on the film, dedicated to the traditions of breeding and bringing up the Akhal-Teke breed of horses, as well as raising the topic of mentoring, and the relationship of the older and younger generations.

This idea was also laid in the program of one of the brightest events of the Week of Culture - performances by the children's art schools of the capital in the cultural and entertainment park “Ashgabat”. The children's creative holiday emphasized the enduring importance of the school of succession, thanks to which the national culture preserved its identity in all its generous variety.

The participants of the performance shone with their sparkling artistic talents, as well as performing skills in singing, musical and choreographic compositions, delighting spectators with virtuosic playing on musical instruments.

The theme of continuity of the flow of history, people's memory, spiritual unity of generations was reflected in the production of "Döwlet guşy", which Ashgabat residents and guests were invited to attend at the Main Drama Theater. The play, created based on the novel of the same name by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, invariably takes place at full attendance.

Thinking about the destinies of the world and about the world that should be valued and cherished is one of the central thoughts of the novel and the performance created for it.

Narrating the high dignity and humanity, kindness and love, enduring moral values, the play contains a huge spiritual message, a bright life-affirming charge, exciting to the very depths of the soul.

The third day of the creative forum has come to an end with a big concert of masters of culture and arts of Lebap and Mary velayats. Folk and modern melodies and songs were played and dances were performed on the open stage of the “Ashgabat” Park.


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