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TCOR is about to launch the new production - biaxial polypropylene film

опубликованно 22.06.2017 // 1061 - просмотров

The development of a new type of product, including packaging films of two types (transparent single-layered and co-extruded, i.e. multi-layered) is carried out with the participation of “P.T.Istana karang Laut” Company (Indonesia) that performed building and installation works at the plant.

Polypropylene films, which will be produced here, have an advantage over propylene films. They are much stronger, since they have a different molecular structure. Coextruded films are notable for their gas-barrier properties and very good thermoformability. A special layer of polyamide makes it possible to use it for the manufacture of vacuum and high-strength packaging for goods subjected to freezing. The interlayer film can be applied an indelible seal and metallized.

The commissioned biaxial polypropylene film production plant will enable factory specialists to expand the range of polypropylene products produced at the oil refinery. Using the local raw materials, factory workers will launch the production of up to 21 thousand tons of various types of films per year, including for the packaging of food products and manufactured goods.


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