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The President of Turkmenistan convened a meeting on the capital’s development and preparation for the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games

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In the metropolitan khyakimlik, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov held the meeting, devoted to prospects for the development of Ashgabat, preparation of its infrastructure for the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

There were analyzed the interim results of general plan implementation of the capital’s development, modernization programs of the traffic system, housing and utilities infrastructure, the stages of architectural-and-constructional works, measures on investment potential increase, particularly in the framework of large-scale international project “Ashgabat-2017”.

This plan objectives and ways of their solution were specified by the President of Turkmenistan at the current meeting with the participation of members of the Government, the State Security Council, Mejlis Chairperson, khyakims of the capital and its etraps, heads of some departments, and representatives of mass media.

The head of state noted that the great attention is paid to the development of Ashgabat. The city’s territory has been greatly expanded, in the construction of facilities there were involved as well-known foreign companies so the Turkmen entrepreneurs who were entrusted with the bulk of the works on provision of urban amenities. However, there are a number of shortcomings in the management of maintenance and operation of city facilities, the President of Turkmenistan said, prefacing a demanding talk on this topic.

Cabinet Deputy Chairman D.Amangeldiev reported on construction works in residential areas of Ashgabat, completion of the project on creation of the park with a total area of 630 hectares in the southern part of the capital, motor road laying, construction of multi-level interchanges, Parking lots, complex of facilities to enhance reliability of the city’s power supply, and reconstruction of its green areas.

The Vice-Premier reported on the preparations for Culture Week in the capital on June 22-27, within the frame of which creative events, song-musical performances, exhibitions are planned.

Pointing out that Ashgabat-2017 should correspond to the status of the sport capital of Asia, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov noted that this experience would be useful for other cities of the country.

Ashgabat Khyakim Sh.Durdylyev reported on the capital’s development, etraps’ landscaping, improvement of traffic infrastructure and life-support systems. The capital’s khyakimlik concluded a contract to modernize streets in Ashgabat with a total length 59.14 kilometers, construct 18 bridges, 39 underground and 15 above ground pedestrian crossings, and lay new engineering networks on these highways. New facilities have been put in commission. Road marking, arrangement and planting of greenery are carried out in a number of areas.

The head of state emphasized the significance of integrated solution of capital’s landscaping problems. Focusing on priority aspects of preparation for the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, the President of Turkmenistan noted that a compulsory requirement was and remains to ensure the quality and meet work deadlines.

Chairman of the Supreme Control Chamber H.Gylyjov reported on the results of audits, conducted according to the financial and economic state of affairs in the sphere of Ashgabat landscaping, modernization of road-transport infrastructure, and activity of public utilities.

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov assigned to keep under permanent control the implementation of large-scale programme of reforms in the capital.

The head of state noted the necessity for balanced development of each ertrap’s territories, including the city’s outskirts. Pointing some problem factors in the work of urban structures, the nation’s leader underlined the importance of proper use of objects. The head of state addressed serious admonitions to the heads of etrap administrations.

Pointing D.Amangeldiev, Sh.Durdylyev, B.Hojamammedov to the lack of proper control over the fulfillment of Resolutions on the city’s landscaping, which clearly defined the work deadline and volumes, the head of state commissioned to accelerate the speed of some objects’ construction. Serious admonitions were made about the arrangement of road-street network, in terms of passenger, pedestrian and driver convenience. It was marked unconsidered approach to the placement of public transport stations, underground and above-ground crossings which should match modern urban environment criteria.

The President of Turkmenistan made personnel appointments. According to the documents signed by the head of state, S.Selimov was appointed as Khyakim of Berkararlyk etrap, A.Dovvaeva – Ashgabat Deputy Khyakim for education, culture, health and sport, M.Yolyeva – Deputy Khyakim of Ruhabat etrap.

The head of state severely reprimanded Vice-Premier D.Amangeldiev and Ashgabat Khyakim Sh.Durdylyev for shortcomings in their work. Khyakim of Kopetdag etrap A.Annacharyev was strictly reprimanded for unsatisfactory fulfillment of his duties, and failure to deliver works on landscaping of Ashgabat within the established deadlines with final warning on correction of the shortcomings. The President of Turkmenistan also signed a Decree on declaring strict reprimands to Khyakim of Bagtyyarlyk etrap R.Annaberdiev, Khyakim of Archabil etrap A.Rejepalyev, Khyakim of Abadan etrap A.Ataev, Khyakim of Ruhabat etrap B.Bairamdurdyev – for unsatisfactory fulfillment of their duties, and failure to deliver works on landscaping of Ashgabat within the established deadlines.

Then, Cabinet Deputy Chairman B. Hojamammedov reported on the work in the economic sphere.

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov set out clear requirements for creating flowery green areas along with the construction of residential complexes, other objects and buildings, arranging of sports and children’s playgrounds and, in general, ensuring all conditions for comfortable rest and active leisure, maintaining the ecological well-being in the capital.

Strong recommendations were given on the system organization of landscaping and well-furnishing works along the roads in all etraps, the aesthetic design of major highways.

The head of state ordered to strengthen supervision over compliance with fire code and other rules of buildings’ and constructions’ operation, especially in overage buildings. The Ministry of Construction and Architecture, City Khyakimlik are entrusted to adjust multi-level control over the erection of objects and compliance of works with environmental standards, including timely construction materials recycling.

Minister of Internal Affairs I.Mulikov was instructed to organize the traffic signs and placement of markings and information boards up-to-date on new city highways, activity of traffic policing and nomocracy services.


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