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The Mejlis of Turkmenistan adopted a number of new laws and regulatory legal acts

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Today the twenty first session of the fifth convocation of the Mejlis in which a number of laws and regulatory legal acts were adopted, took place. For participation in the session representatives of related ministries and departments and also mass media were invited.

Among the first for the consideration of deputies of the parliament was presented the draft of the resolution of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan on recognition of powers of deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, elected in separate election districts.

As known, on May 21, the current year elections of deputies of the Mejlis at two election districts - № 7 "Gunesh" of Ashkhabad and № 106 "Vekil" of Mary velayat instead of those deputies who have left their positions ahead of schedule and also members of the khalk maslakhaty and gengesh in connection with changes in the administrative-territorial structure of velayats took place.

According to the session’s agenda, deputies were also presented the bill of Turkmenistan on deputy chairperson of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan.

Then for the discussion of the parliament the bill of Turkmenistan on consumers’ society», which defines legal, organizational, economic and social bases of creation and activity of consumer societies, their unions, was submitted. The given bill was developed in the context of transition of national economy to market relations. It is aimed at development of various forms of economic activities - trading, procuring, manufactures and production realization and also individual farms, national crafts and others. Accordingly, it will promote satisfaction of demand of population and other consumers for various goods and services.

Drafts of laws on administrative procedures, patronage and guardianship, combat of doping in sports, ecological safety were considered.

In Turkmenistan obligatory ecological insurance for ecologically dangerous kinds of activity of establishments, enterprises, organisations irrespective of patterns of ownership was introduced. In all branches of national economy innovative, energy saving technologies, measures is applied with a view of increase of efficiency of control over cleanliness of atmosphere, conformity with ecological standards of factories and factories, other objects under construction which without fail undergo corresponding examination for their safety for environment.

In this connection, the new law which regulates relations in the field of ecological safety at realisation of economic and other activity of legal and physical persons has a special significance and is directed to maintenance of vital interests of individual and society, protection of environment from danger resulting from anthropogenic and natural influence.

Discussing the bill of Turkmenistan on refugees, members of the parliament underlined that being a constant member of the executive committee of the program of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, our country brings a powerful contribution to efforts of the world community, carries out purposeful work and undertakes effective steps to render assistance to refugees and protection of their rights. As known, in Turkmenistan thousands of people, who were compelled owing to certain reasons and circumstances to leave native places, were granted citizenship.

Deputies considered also bills of amendment and alterations to the code of Turkmenistan on administrative offences, the criminal code of Turkmenistan, the law on customs service», tax code, laws on health protection of citizens», physical training and sports», migration, geneshes and others.

Bills of legal documents submitted for consideration of the regular session of the fifth convocation of the Mejlis were unanimously approved and adopted.


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