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Turkmen diasporas in foreign countries support Turkmenistan’s progressive initiatives

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Ashgabat has hosted the 20th Conference of the Humanitarian Association of the World’s Ethnic Turkmens. Timed to coincide with the national holiday – Constitution and Magtymguly Fragi’s Poetry Day, the forum was attended by representatives of the Turkmen diasporas from different countries, and delegates from all parts of our country. Prior to the conference, participants laid flowers at the Constitution Monument.

At the meeting, held in the “Mekan” Palace, attendees were offered insights into the large-scale socio-economic programs and projects ongoing in Turkmenistan, activities of the Association’s branches in the UAE, Germany, Afghanistan, Turkey and Iran. Conference delegates cited the assistance in the socio-economic revival of Afghanistan and our country-sponsored construction of new social facilities in the fraternal country as notable examples of the successful implementation of Turkmenistan’s policy of peace and humanism.

Conference speakers also highlighted the importance of Turkmenistan’s large international projects in the transport and energy sectors that promote fruitful economic cooperation with other countries.

Special mention was made of abiding interest of the world’s ethnic Turkmens in the works by the prominent poet and thinker – Magtymguly and events devoted to his literary work. As part of our country’s Year of Health and Inspiration, massive efforts are being made to enhance Turkmenistan’s prestige as a sporting nation that is preparing for the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

Conference attendees also discussed organizational issues. In particular, Vice-President of the Humanitarian Association of the World’s Ethnic Turkmens G. Nepesov was relieved of his post due to a transfer to another appointment. R. Bazarov was appointed as his successor.

A number of the Association’s activists – foreign individual members and representatives of its regional branches – received certificates of honor.

Exhibitions of works of art and hand-crafted products were organized in the Palace’s entrance hall. On display were exhibits from the collections of the capital’s museums – national costumes, musical instruments, fine jewelry items, carpets, tapestries, and paintings.

The Humanitarian Association of the World’s Ethnic Turkmens was established in May 1991. Today, its 27 branches are operating in 14 countries. The Association consists of more than 300 member societies and hundreds of individual members, including some 400 foreign members.

Recent years have seen closer contacts in science and education, culture and arts, private business, sport and tourism. The Association plays a special role in developing cooperation of Turkmenistan with interested partners, promoting the progressive policy of peace, the country’s high achievements in the new historical epoch, celebrating the national historical and cultural heritage, indigenous traditions and customs of our people.

In foreign countries, the Association’s branches organize events aimed to foster the nation’s spiritual unity, to study our country’s history and the Turkmen language. This year, many of the events are devoted to the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s Constitution.


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