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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Speaks at Extended Session of the Cabinet of Ministers

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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed the extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers. As noted by the head of state, the results of works conducted in the past four months show that, despite the existing problems and several difficulties related to the state of the global economy, we managed to maintain the high growth rates in all sectors of the economy.

During this period, the GDP growth reached 6.2 per cent. Compared to the similar period in the previous year, volumes of investments in various sectors increased. The salaries grew by 9.1 per cent.

As stated by the national leader, construction of 1900 major facilities worth 45 billion USD is underway in the country. About 1800 of those are being built by the local construction enterprises.

During the four months of this year, all industrial and social facilities have been constructed and commissioned as scheduled. Among those are 441.7 thousand square meters of housing, including homes of higher comfort; recreation and wellness centers; kindergartens and several other projects.

Under the national programs, the country’s educational and scientific spheres develop as well. Modernization of the production infrastructure is underway; market economy is forming; and oil and gas fields are being developed. The construction of the Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India pipeline continues. Other important projects combining scientific and technological achievements are being implemented in the country as well.

As noted by the national leader, the state continues the policy of supporting entrepreneurship and wider involvement of the private sector’s potential and resources in implementing economic changes. As a result of works in this area, the private sector’s share of GDP is growing. Currently this figure is as high as 62.2 per cent.

Nevertheless, despite the good indicators, there are still many issues to be addressed in line with the state programs, stressed the President of Turkmenistan.

Major political and economic reforms are ongoing in the scientific and educational spheres; agriculture; oil and gas complex; law enforcement and other areas. The primary objective of these changes is to take our country’s economy to a qualitatively new level; to develop Turkmenistan as a secular, democratic, law-based state with a socially oriented market economy; and to improve our people’s standard of living, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov continued.

As the social environment improves, it entails such negative developments as bribery and corruption that have an adverse effect on all facets of society, from economics to morals. The national leader reminded that at the Presidential inaugural ceremony and in other addresses he stated that such negative acts would be put to a stop, and that all that commit such crimes would be brought to justice regardless of positions occupied. The national leader highlighted the important role of law enforcement authorities in combating this scourge.

Stating with regret that the outcomes of conducted inspections revealed the facts of bribery and corruption among the law enforcement officials, and in other agencies, the head of state said that, under the legislation, stern measures will be taken against all that have conducted such acts.

Consequently, several prosecutors and officials of internal affairs bodies have been released from their positions and will be brought to justice before the Law. The Attorney General has also been dismissed from the duty for serious failures; the Minister of Internal Affairs received a severe reprimand.

The national leader stated that he had tasked the State Security Council and the National Parliament of Turkmenistan to develop the Anti-Corruption and Bribery Program. This program must become an integral part of our State-building strategy; the ever improving platform for government agencies, provincial and municipal administrations, institutions and enterprises in decision-making on organizational, economic, legal and information issues, as well as in recruitment and placement of staff.

The primary objective of this Program is to eliminate, in the society, the causes and factors leading to corruption, said the head of state, highlighting the necessity for reviewing the relevant legislation and increasing penalties for bribery and corruption – for instance, considering revocation of pardon for persons convicted of bribery.

Addressing the attendees of the session, including heads of nearly all ministries, sectoral agencies and key organizations, the President of Turkmenistan warned them that stern measures will be taken against all civil servants, regardless of positions occupied, who had conducted such illegal acts. Those found guilty of bribery and corruption will not evade responsibility before the law.

Our ancestors left us a legacy of kind edifications and admonitions about honest work and true living. In turn, we must be decent descendants of our ancestors who represented the example of integrity and diligence, stressed the head of state.


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