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Turkmen specialized and departmental magazines presented in Minsk

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The 21st International Specialized Exhibition "Mass Media in Belarus", which brought together representatives of almost 400 news agencies, editorial offices of printed publications, publishing houses, TV channels and radio stations, continues its work. Mass media from other countries, including Turkmenistan, were also invited to participate in the exhibition.

Presentations were prepared for the guests of the forum, which told about the activities of the media in the Republic of Belarus. The members of the Turkmen delegation got acquainted with the whole spectrum of Belarusian media: republican and regional printed and electronic publications, departmental periodicals, newspapers of higher educational institutions and industrial enterprises, scientific organizations. The main interest is the experience of introducing new communication technologies, ways to disseminate diverse, high-quality, operational information in multimedia.

Today, on the main stage of the BelExpo center, where the exhibition is held, the awarding ceremony of the winners of the National Contest of Print Media "Golden Letter" was held. In addition, the results of the contest for the best organization for sale of printed materials, the national contest among journalists for the best coverage of issues of interethnic and inter-religious relations, intercultural dialogue in Belarus, an international competition of scientific works of students in the field of print technologies and media communications were summed up within the review.

Communication of colleagues from different countries is devoted not only to the main theme of the exhibition "Media in Belarus" this year - information security, but also to many other aspects of professional activity: from the organizational side to the creative component. The program includes discussions, roundtables and master classes.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov points to the need to study advanced foreign experience in order to apply it in practice. Today the Turkmen delegation took part in thematic meetings, which examined the role of the media in various areas of the social sphere, formation of public relations, raising public awareness, etc. One of the seminars discussed issues of record keeping in the publishing and editorial work of the industry press. "The format of scientific PR" is the so-called "round table", which brought together the leaders and staff of scientific publications.

The Turkmen specialized and departmental magazines published in three languages were also presented to Belarusian partners and participants of the exhibition. Among them - "Syakhat", "Construction and architecture of Turkmenistan", scientific almanac "Miras".

A lot of useful information was gathered for the employees of the Turkmen electronic media during the workshop "Media monitoring. Studying of own audience and its preferences ", organized by the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus.

This direction of social research as an important component of the success, popularity and competitiveness of Internet publications, today becomes relevant for Turkmenistan due to the background of a growing number of national web resources.

The information market of the country is expanding, the number of domestic products on it is growing. To advance them further with access to an international audience, an objective evaluation of the effectiveness and quality of the work is necessary. The use of media monitoring tools allows not only to keep constant monitoring and detailed analysis of the "readability" of sites and get the current section of their visitor contingent, but also to directly respond to the situation, changing it for the better.

As an example, we presented an interesting experience of monitoring the leading Belarusian Internet portal, which has a huge monitor installed in its editorial office, where in real time mode it is possible to observe how many visitors are on the site, how long they stay on it, what they are watching, whether they are reading News articles to the end. If not, the text is urgently altered, changing the volume, photo-illustration, etc. Any "failure", when a visitor simply looked through the main page, looked at the headlines and did not open them, is perceived as a flaw of the journalists themselves and other employees of the publication. This is a signal that you need to refine the text, or change the flow of material, etc.

In the era of the information society, computer communication lines penetrate our life in all directions, forming an intricate network of communications inside the state, transcontinental and transnational levels - a kind of nervous system of the world organism. To understand its signals and impulses means to effectively use modern technological possibilities of communications, all the wealth of knowledge embedded in information resources. President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov urges domestic mass media to work effectively in this direction in the name of spiritual and scientific progress, rapprochement of people, nations and countries. In the name of establishing peace on our planet. Such is the global,mission of mass media today.


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