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International experts noted the role of Turkmenistan in the formation of modern and safe transport and transit infrastructure

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The International Conference on Transport and Logistics has completed its work in the Avaza National Tourism Zone. The agenda of the forum included a wide range of issues to stimulate and develop mutually beneficial partnerships in the transport sector on regional and global scale. The subject of the interested discussion at the sessions, held at the Hotel Berkarar, was development of the railway transport infrastructure.

As the speakers noted, Turkmenistan in its strategy assigns the leading role to the creation of a modern transport infrastructure, jointly with the neighboring countries, implementing major regional and continental projects. As an example, the construction of the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway along the "North-South" line was cited.

Another large-scale project is the construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan railway, the implementation of which is also considered in the context of access of the landlocked states of the region to major international markets. Thus, the landlocked countries of Central Asia can jointly create favorable transit conditions through their territory for interregional communication.

Today Turkmenistan constructs unique engineering structures - railway and automobile bridges, designed to become the "golden link" of the international network of transport communications and new infrastructure facilities of the transport sector. These facilities are also an important step towards the formation and effective use of regional and interregional transport routes. The active implementation of investment programs in the transport sector combined the country's velayats into a single economic infrastructure.

At the heart of the policy of international cooperation pursued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov lies the vision of the Central Asian and the Caspian Basin region as a lasting link in strategic stability in the southern belt of Eurasia, a promising economic partner for European and Asian countries, a large energy transport and transit node of continental importance. Today, there are wide opportunities for interaction and development, improving the quality and living standards of people, successfully integrating into global processes as a region free of conflict risks, and therefore attractive for foreign investment and long-term international programs in various fields.

The participants of the conference spoke about the expediency of intensifying the partnership in order to improve and create a systematic approach to the development of reliable transport services at the regional and interregional levels.

All speakers were unanimous in the opinion that international transport is a key factor in promoting sustainable economic development. Foreign guests in their reports stressed the relevance of such areas of cooperation for ensuring the effectiveness of transport communications, including for landlocked countries, harmonization of the border crossing procedure, organization and management of cross-border transportation, optimization of the activities of relevant services, environmental safety in the implementation of any kind of projects in this field, etc.

In this regard, the participants have noted the need to further improve the regulatory and legal framework in the field of transport and enhance interaction in the format of international organizations.

The contribution of Turkmenistan to strengthening of constructive international dialogue in this direction, the formation of a modern ramified and safe transport and transit infrastructure, which is a powerful integration resource capable of providing great economic prospects to states and regions, and promoting the compatibility of their strategic interests, was highly appreciated.


In the afternoon, an excursion was organized along the coast of the Avaza national tourism zone on Charlak ship, during which the guests could see the scale of the ongoing project to create appropriate infrastructure designed to provide conditions for recreation and enhance people's health.


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