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Akhal and Lebap velayats will build modern sanatoriums

опубликованно 05.05.2017 // 1118 - просмотров

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov gave the relevant instructions at a Government meeting, held on May 5, stressing that healthcare development is one of the priorities of the state policy.

Target-oriented national programs such as “Health”, “National Program for development of the sanatorium service in Turkmenistan”, etc. are implemented in Turkmenistan. Sanatoriums in Bayramali, Berzengi, Mollakara, Archman, Yilysuv, Farab and other regions of the country are well-known, which turned them into modern comfortable health resorts. The fundamentally new system of sanatorium-and-spa treatment and health improvement, which is being created in the country, assimilates the best domestic and foreign experience.


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