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An International Transport and Logistics Conference begins in Avaza

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Among those attending the conference are high-ranking officials from ministries and sectoral agencies, experts, investors, representatives of international organizations, banking institutions, transport, logistics and shipping companies, and the mass media from scores of countries of Europe, Asia and America.

The forum is seen as a logical continuation of the Global Conference on Sustainable Transport, held in Ashgabat last year under the aegis of the United Nations, and is aimed at the practical implementation of the proposed initiatives.

Today’s discussions revolved around the following themes: “The role of transport and logistics in the sustainable development of Turkmenistan’s economy”, “The development of Turkmenistan’s transport and logistics infrastructure in the road transport sector and aviation”, and “Prospects for the development of Turkmenistan’s transport and logistics sectors”. The conference participants also gave consideration to the issues such as the state of the global transport services market, geography and dynamics of freight flows, prospects for enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of all means of transport, a role of motor and air transport in boosting the efficiency of Turkmenistan’s transit-transport potential amid the Eurasian integration and the trend for diversification of the geography of international transport services, and others.

Speakers have noted that the unprecedented surge in the sector’s development testifies to the creation of a powerful international transit-transport hub in Turkmenistan at the crossroads of major trade routes on the continent.

In this context, the conference participants discussed the prospects for closer cooperation in the transport-communications sector, in strengthening the material-technical base of railway, motor, and maritime transport, aviation, long-term plans to expand the existing transport corridors and create new ones, whose opening will lend powerful impetus to stronger regional and global trade-economic relations. According to the conference attendees, the opportunity they to discuss the topical issues relating to the development of information technology and IT solutions in the field of logistics and goods transportation, is also seen as essential.

Conference speakers from the Turkmen side have highlighted that our country will continue to actively build its transport infrastructure to link the national network with the international network in the southern and eastern directions. This will provide access to the major economic centers such as China, India, Pakistan, and other countries of the Asia-Pacific Region. In addition, the main section of the transnational “North-South” railway, the modern railway and road bridges over the Amudarya River (recently opened), the “Atamyrat-Ymamnazar (Turkmenistan)-Aqina (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)” (the first phase of the Asian International Railway Corridor) pass through Turkmenistan. The International Turkmenbashi seaport, which is currently under construction, also offers bright prospects. It will help to raise trade relations between Asia and Europe to a new level and will give Europe easy access to Asian markets.

Speaking of the importance of transit-transport corridors, which form a complex system linking transport networks of different countries, the conference participants emphasized their role in regional and international integration, promoting stability and mutually advantageous cooperation. Special emphasis was placed on the significance of the factors such as improved border management, enhanced security, and a legal aspect.

The forum speakers also made presentations to give detailed insights into the proposals for the diversification of partnership in the transport sector.


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