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Afterword to the Asian Championships in kickboxing, weightlifting and swimming held in Ashgabat

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In April, on the basis of the capital's Olympic town, three Asian championships took place: kickboxing, weightlifting and swimming. During the competition, Turkmen athletes won 96 medals - 30 gold, 32 - silver and 34 - bronze. Moreover, in the fight tournament our compatriots took the first place in the team event.

About 300 kickboxers from 17 countries - the Republic of Korea, India, Malaysia, Jordan, Syria, Nepal, Iraq, etc., gathered in Ashgabat. The awards were played in six disciplines: point-fighting, seven-contact, kick-lite, low-kick, full -contact and musical forms. The latest version is a solo performance of athletes to music, imitating fights with one or more opponents, the fight for awards takes place in two categories - soft and hard styles.

Zohre Dzhumabaeva was awarded with two gold medals in the team of Turkmenistan, which was out of competition in both styles of "musical forms". Gulzada Jorakuliyeva, twice rises to the highest step of the podium, being the best in the disciplines of "full contact" and "low kick" in the weight category up to 65 kg. In total, in the kickboxing competitions, our team won 75 medals, confidently leading the standings in the team event.

A significant part of these awards belongs to the pupils of the honored coach of Turkmenistan, the main coach of the men's national team Alexander Snagovsky, the founder of the Turkmen kickboxing school. His students achieve high results in various competitions of international level.

The success of our fighters in the current championship gives confidence that during the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, which will be held in Ashgabat this September, they will demonstrate all their skills ...

Good results were brought by our team and the Asian Weightlifting Championship, where 10 medals were won - one gold, two - silver and seven - bronze. The highest step of the podium was occupied by Khojamukhammet Toichiev for raising the bar in a snatch weighing 197 kg. This achievement brought him not only to the leaders in this discipline, but also became a new record of Turkmenistan, which exceeds the previous one, established by him in 2015 at the World Championships in Houston (USA), by seven kilograms.

Also Hojamuhammet raised the record in the sum of the biathlon, which is now 427 kg. This result brought the Turkmen athlete a bronze award in the current competitions. Another third place was won by our compatriot in a jerk, where he lifted a sports projectile weighing 230 kg above his head.

Let's remind that Turkmen weightlifters did not win gold awards in tournaments of continental level since 1994. Then, during the Asian Games in Hiroshima, a legendary sportsman, three-time world champion Altymurad Orazdurdyev won a medal of the highest standard for our country. And now, after more than 20 years, a long pause was interrupted by the master of sports of international class, Khojamuhamed Toichiev.

In addition, in the current Asian Championship two silver and one bronze were won by Rejepbay Rejepov (up to 77 kg), two bronze medals by Yulduz Dzhumabaeva (up to 48 kg) and Kristina Shermetova (53 kg).

Currently, Turkmen weightlifters are actively preparing for Islamic solidarity games, which will be held from May 12 to 22 in the capital of Azerbaijan - Baku. Note that our athletes are coached by the famous coach from Turkey - Jafer Topchu. Under his leadership, such famous masters as three-time Olympic champions and world record holders Naim Suleiman Oglu and Khalil Mutlu were engaged.

More successful for the national team of Turkmenistan was the Asian Swimming Championships, where the Turkmen sportsmen won 11 medals - two gold medals, six silver medals and three bronze medals. The best indicator in the composition of our team is on the account of Merdan Atayev, who replenished his asset with two gold and two silver awards. The pupil of the deserved trainer of Turkmenistan, Sergey Epifanov, became the leader on the results of the swims on his back at the distances of 50 and 100 meters. In the second discipline, M.Atayev owns a national record - 56.34 seconds, which he installed at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Merdan also bevame vice-champion on the results of two complex relay races, where together with him competed Berdyguly Saparov, Ruslan Nazarov, Ilya Klyubchenko, Batyr Tachmyradov and Valentin Gorshkov.

By the number of medals M.Atayev bypassed 15-year-old Daria Semenova, who became the owner of four silver and one bronze medal. Young and talented Ashkhabad sportswoman distinguished herself in sprint swimming with brace, crochet, on her back and in two complex relay races. Two more "bronze" in the asset of our team was recorded by Enesh Begmyradova.

Completed competitions determined not only the level of preparation of Turkmen athletes for the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, but also tested sports fields where complex competitions will be held. Representatives of international sports organizations highly appreciated the organizational skills of Turkmen specialists, including the work of volunteers.


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