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High-rise race on the mountain of Dushak opened the season of skyrunning

опубликованно 27.03.2017 // 1204 - просмотров

Running on the top of Dushakerikdag (2482) in the range of the Kopet Dagh was started by competition for the Cup of Turkmenistan in skyrunning. Here for the third year the Cup of Turkmenistan in this entertainment discipline of mountaineering is held under the aegis of the state sports committee with assistance the clubs of mountaineers "Agama" and "Mert", and also the khyakimlik of Archabil etrap of Ashgabat city.

Yazgeldi Odeniyazov came first with result of 2 hours, 19 minutes and 7 seconds, having overcome the line with the extent of over 12 kilometres and heights of almost 2 thousand metres. Just for three seconds lagged behind Alekper Ahmedov, last metres going literally step by step after the leader. Hardly more a half an hour they were conceded by Sergey Arhipov, who again, as last year having occupied in this running the third step of the podium.

The first points are charged in a rating to successfully finishing sportsmen. This is the beginning of the season, and all competitions for the Cup are yet ahead.

Skyrunning - the young sport, actively gains popularity in the world and in Turkmenistan. In translation from English means «run at height» or «high-rise run». Participants are involved with fascinating struggle for victory, demanding considerable physical preparation both strong-willed qualities and possibility during competitions to see the most picturesque mountain landscapes of our country.


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