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State Acceptance Committee Established for Commissioning of Garlyk Mining and Processing Plant

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By the order of the President of Turkmenistan, the State Acceptance Committee was established with the purpose of ensuring the proper organization of works on acceptance of the Garlyk Mining and Processing Plant, whose construction was completed at the potassium salts field in Lebap province.

Development of Garlyk potassium salts field, and construction of the plant for production and enrichment of potassium within that field mark a milestone in the industrial development of Turkmenistan.

The ground-breaking ceremony of the complex for production of potash fertilizers, whose commissioning is scheduled for 31 March, took place in June 2009 and was attended by the President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, and the President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. The capacity of the plant, built by Belgorkhimprom JSC together with Turkmen constructors by the order of Turkmenhimiya State Concern, is 1.4 million tons of fertilizers per year.

To reach the full production capacity, it is planned to extract and process over 7 million tons of minerals located 200 to 1000 meters below the surface. All technological equipment supplied to the infrastructure facilities of the tremendous construction site is high-end produce of renowned global manufacturers of specialized machinery.

To ensure staffing of the Garlyk plant, a large group of Turkmen students was sent to universities of the Republic of Belarus. Many of the certified specialists underwent a one-year internship at enterprises of Belaruskali JSC, where they engaged in mining works. Moreover, special training of specialists for the mining complex was launched at universities and vocational schools of Turkmenistan.

The new industrial giant is of tremendous importance for the socio-economic development of Lebap province and the whole country; it will allow developing production of high-quality potash mineral fertilizers that will completely satisfy the need of Turkmenistan’s agricultural sector, and ensure their export to the global market.


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