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The President of Turkmenistan gave a has start for the spring tree planting campaign

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Today in Turkmenistan with participation of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov a start was given for the spring tree planting campaign. During the mass action all over the country about 416 thousand trees were planted.

In the morning numerous participants of the mass tree planting action gathered in the southern part of the Turkmen capital at foothills of the Kopet Dagh. Here, in a picturesque corner of Turkmen nature, yet with first rays of the sun sounded music and songs.

A special colour gives to the festive event an improvised tent house and preparations. A fragrant smoke which rises over cauldrons, set up on the open fire, and national ovens get mixed with the fragrance of spring which gains more strength.

The presidential car approaches the venue of the nationwide tree planting action. The leader of the nation is met by the chairwoman of the Mejlis, vice-premiers of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of military and law enforcement bodies, ministries and departments, representatives of diplomatic mission accredited to Turkmenistan, public organisations, high schools and mass media, foreign visitors. Among them - Chairman of the Council of the National Assembly of the Republic of Byelorussia Michael Myasnikovich who first welcomed the Turkmen leader.

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov and Michael Myasnikovich approach the place for planting trees where they are welcomed by heads of diplomatic representatives and missions accredited to our country. All of them are ready for planting tree at the allocated extensive site where saplings of trees in advance have been delivered.

The President of Turkmenistan, addressing heads of diplomatic corps, told of a consolidating force and eternal renewal of life which bears in itself this ancient holiday Novruz which presently have found the status of International Day, which is marked in many world countries.

This holiday is included in the List of intangible cultural heritage of mankind which is based on such values as mutual respect, goodly neighbourhood and diligence, - the head of the state told. It is symbolical to plant trees before such big holiday. And it is the noblest work in our life that we with you together make our contribution to it, the leader of the nation pointed out.
Then by a good tradition the head of the state personally starts the tree planting campaign, having planted the first tree. His example is followed by all participants of the action.

Today in this district of Ashgabat on the area of 75 hectares 30 thousand various kinds of deciduous, coniferous and decorative trees and also bushes and flowers were planted.

Thousand new saplings decorated vicinities of the Turkmen capital. The scope of this work amazes imagination, after all forest plantations rise there where recently there were naked slopes of mountains and loose dunes of desert. Realisation of such grandiose afforestation program is a powerful contribution to universal combat of negative consequences of climate change; indeed, green areas actively absorb the carbonic gas which is one of the stimulators of strengthening of greenhouse effect.

Upon completion of the mass tree planting action the President of Turkmenistan approached cooks who prepared entertainments for participants of the action, and in conversation with them asked ways of preparation of some dishes. The head of the state also showed how various kinds of national flat cakes-churek are baked, shepherd meat pie ishlekli in the heated sand is cooked, and the carcass of a young lamb is fried on the spit, shish kebabs on the brazier and others.

Participants of the tree planting action, first of all foreign visitors with great attention penetrated into secrets of preparation of viands of ancient Turkmen kitchen. And there and then having tasted them, expressed their admiration of delicate and excellent taste of our national dishes.

The head of the state thanked diplomats for an active participation in the actions organized in our country, having noticed that today's event becomes a memorable holiday of generosity, openness and hospitality, an embodiment of age-old principles of goodly neighbourhood, friendship and brotherhood.


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