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President of Turkmenistan Outlines Priorities of Social Policy at Inauguration Ceremony

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Speaking at the solemn inaugural ceremony at Ruhyyet Palace after having taken office, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov defined the country’s development strategy and outlined the priorities of social policy.

For the next seven years we will work under the following mottos: “Educated generation is the might of the Motherland”, “Culture is the soul of the people”, “People’s health is the treasure of the state”, said the head of state.

He also stressed that it was impossible to keep in step with the times without developing education, science and training highly qualified professionals. To that end, Turkmenistan will continue to build kindergartens, schools and universities, establish new institutions of higher education, and focus on modernizing the educational system and in-depth learning of foreign languages by the young generation.

Major role is given to the development of culture and arts. Drawing upon the rich national spiritual and cultural heritage, we will ensure that our people will be glorified throughout the world as the nation of builders and nation of creators, said President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

In terms of implementing the State Healthcare Program, “Saglyk”, the citizens of the country will be provided medical care in accordance with the modern requirements. Maternal and child health; development of physical activity and sports; building modern medical facilities matching the growing up-to-date needs; expanding the resorts network, and turning “Avaza” National Tourist Zone, created on the eco-friendly Caspian coast, into one of the most renowned recreation and wellness centers in the world were named among major issues.

We have beautiful mountains, boundless plains, wonderful rivers and lakes. In picturesque cloves of Kopetdag, Koytendag and Sumbar, in reserves of Badhyz, on the banks of Amyderya, Murgap and Garagum rivers we will build many centers with all conditions for recreation and tourism, said the head of state.


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