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Commodities Exchange News 19 November

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Last week, 36 transactions were registered at the State Commodities and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan.

Business people of Afghanistan purchased for foreign currency the diesel fuel produced at the Turkmenbashi Refinery Complex. Representatives of business circles of Russia and Turkey contracted “B” grade carbamide (SC “Turkmenhimiya”) and technical sulfur (SC “Turkmengaz”). In addition, the foreign currency contracts were concluded for terry products in assortment, food wheat, cotton yarn, licorice roots and rootstock, Karakul sheep wool products. The country-buyers were: the Russian Federation, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc. The amount of transactions was over US $54,675,000.

For manat funds representatives of business circles of Russia, the Netherlands, Pakistan purchased cotton yarn, household soap and Saryja sheep wool products (over 6 million manat).


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