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President of Turkmenistan held a working conference call

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On 14 November President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov conducted a regular working conference call with participation of khyakims of velayats and Ashgabat city. The session’s agenda included the reports of local governors on the state of affairs in the supervised areas and the implementation progress of the earlier presidential commissions.

The Akhal velayat khyakim E.Orazgeldiyev was the first to make a video-report on the implementation progress of agri-works and measures in the region aimed at the successful implementation of the National Agricultural Program.

Placing particular importance on the agriculture development-favored tasks, the President of Turkmenistan has singled out high-performance implementing of all agri-technical measures and harvesting of the “white gold” remaining in the fields as an imperative need.

Video-report the Balkan velayat khyakim D.Durdyev presented to President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov was devoted to the state of affairs in the region’s areas under crop.

Having placed special emphasis on the progress of agri-works in the velayat, the leader of nation instructed the velayat governor to pay particular attention to preparing the agricultural machinery for the new season in the proper way.

Reporting on the situation in the Dashoguz velayat, its khyakim O.Gurbannazarov touched upon the three important aspects: application of measures which will speed harvesting of the remaining-in-the-fields cotton; managing the fields planted to winter crops; preparation of agricultural machinery for the future agri-season.

In the comments to the report, the head of state entrusted the velayat khyakim with increasing the paces and efficiency of agri-works in every branch of the region’s economy.

Khyakim of Lebap velayat Charlyev was next to report on the implementation progress of the seasonal agricultural works in the region, including extending the measures on harvesting the cotton to the last cotton boll and managing in a proper manner the fields planted to winter crops.

He also spoke of the readiness measures progress to the upcoming major event – commissioning of the first phase of the Asian International Railway Transport Corridor.

Highlighting the significance of the Asian International Railway Transport Corridor, the President of Turkmenistan demanded to hold the upcoming event (to be held at the end of November) at a better and higher level in terms of organization and content.
In turn, Mary velayat khyakim B.Annagurbanov reported on the situation in the province, the implementation progress of the ongoing agri-works including harvesting of the cotton remaining in the fields and the measures on preparing the cultivation areas and machinery for the new season.

Stressing that concern for the people’s well-being in Turkmenistan remains to be the task of top priority, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov demanded to keep the people’s welfare-related issues in the focus of attention of the government officials of every level.

Then, the Mayor of Ashgabat M.Abilov joined the videoconferencing. He reported on the progress of works ongoing in the capital as well as on the implementation progress of the presidential commissions aimed at further redevelopment and beautification of the country’s main city.

Given the high status of Ashgabat as the capital of the country, the leader of nation stressed that Ashgabat should become a demonstration city in every its aspect. In this regard, the President of Turkmenistan demanded to keep the issues related to the integrated urban development and modernization of the capital’s infrastructure under the unremitting control.

Touching upon the upcoming New Year celebrations the head of Turkmenistan has highlighted the importance of the proper preparation for that wonderful, well-liked holiday, including providing the shops and markets of the country with abundance of food items, manufactured and consumer good, and New Year gifts.


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