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President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov took part in celebrations in honour of the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan Independence

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On October 27, the Turkmen people celebrate the main national holiday - Independence Day of the native land which this year marks the 25th anniversary.

All over the country national celebrations which pass in the atmosphere of high spiritual rise, pride and monolithic unity were developed.

On the reviewing stand - members of the government, heads of committees of the Mejlis, of military and law enforcement bodies, of ministries and sectoral departments, public organisations, khyakims of velayats and Ashgabat, ambassadors of Turkmenistan abroad, heads of diplomatic representatives and mission accredited to our country.

The grandiose holiday by its scope begins with the anniversary military parade which demonstrated high professionalism and training of Turkmen soldiers.

… President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan Army General Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov leaves the Palace complex «Oguzhan» and by car along street Galkynysh accompanied by a group of horsemen of the Guard of honour with the National flag of Turkmenistan and flag of the President of Turkmenistan takes direction towards the venue of military parade.

Here, on the square of Independence, military men of all ranks of the national army were lined up. Secretary of the State Security Council, Minister of Defence Ya.Berdiyev solemnly reports President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander –in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country, Army General Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov on the readiness for the beginning of review of defensive power of our country on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the State Independence.

Having accepted the official report, the Leader of nation drives around the armies, welcoming parade detachments. Military men, in turn, welcome the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

The car of the Head of the State stops at the tribune in the centre of the square. The President of Turkmenistan addresses participants of the military parade, and then mounts the state tribune.

At this moment a group of parachutists with the national flag of Turkmenistan goes down on the square of Independence. Military men of the separate battalion of the Guard of honour with a ceremonial step go from the tribune by street Galkynysh to the flagstaff.

Secretary of the State Security Council, Minister of Defence Ya.Berdiyev addresses President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country, Army General Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov with the request to begin the military parade on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Independence with participation of the staff of armed forces and law enforcement bodies.

The Leader of nation gives a command to begin the parade.

Soldiers, officers and cadets answer the Supreme Commander-in-Chief with threefold “Hurrah!”

Then the Leader of nation congratulates the gathered and in their person, all Turkmen people on the significant date - the 25th anniversary of sacred Independence of Turkmenistan.

Participants of the celebration amicably welcome the Head of the State with words «Arkadaga Shohrat!».
President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov declares the ceremony open.

It is 10.00 o’clock. The national anthem of Turkmenistan accompanied by celebratory volleys of arms sounds. By the flagstaff the national flag of Turkmenistan rises.

Turkmen soldiers lined up on the square - officers, soldiers and cadets bring a sacred oath of fidelity to their Fatherland, people and President.
A celebratory parade is opened by the group of standards and flags. Then on the square with measured paces there pass cadets of specialised military schools of the Ministry of Defence.

In a solemn march, in an orderly manner ranks on the square passes a battalion of officers - the best representatives of all combat arms of the Armed Forces of the country.

They are followed by a model battalion of officers of the military-air forces of the country - defenders of the peaceful sky of the Fatherland.

On the celebratory square there are servicewomen who bring a worthy contribution to the maintenance of peace and tranquillity of the native land.

In an orderly manner march ranks motorised infantry men – excellent cadets of theoretical and combat training, who masterfully handle the advanced military technology are passing before the state tribune.

They are replaced by the battalion of Turkmen military pilots. Skilfully piloting by modern warplanes, they reliably protect peace of open spaces of our beloved native land.

Afterwards on the square appears the naval sea battalion, which during the military exercises showed its brilliant combat training.

Then before the state tribune, measuring out the pace, there pass military men of the antiaircraft battalion. Successfully solving the tasks put before them, they adequately bear a high rank of defenders of the fatherland.

With well-disposed ranks commandoes and marines march. They are followed by the battalion of central administrative board of civil defence and rescue operations of the Ministry of Defence.

Under fighting banners pass columns of the best cadets of the Institute of National Security and the Institute of Border Service.
On the main square, police officers bringing a huge contribution to the maintenance of law and order in the country and also a battalion of cadets of the Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The march of the group of military men on Akhalteke horses became a highlight of the celebration in honour of the 25th anniversary of independence.

Then the review of modern military technology begins.

On the square one after other go mechanised columns of various combat arms, at the head of which - military cars of special purpose «Combat Guard» and «BARS».

One of the most powerful kinds of overland technique is tanks. As a part of the first column before the state tribune pass special vehicles «MAN» with trailers on which the powerful armour technique - «Т-90S» and «Т-72» are placed. Behind them go modern infantry fighting vehicles - «IFV-3» and «IFV-2D», representing the basic shock groups of land forces of the Armed Forces of the country.

Afterwards there appear self-propelled artillery installations - howitzers «2С-1 Gvozdika» and «2С-3 Acacia», intended for destruction of operation points, armoured vehicles and staff of the enemy.

Then on the square of Independence on cargo tractor «MAN» antiaircraft and antiaircraft-rocket complexes «Zu-23-4 Shilka», «Strela-10» and «KUB» which are applied to destruction of low flying planes and helicopters of the enemy in any weather conditions appear.

At the head of the second mechanised column on the square there appear military cars «BARS».

As a part of the column-light armoured military car of mark «Land Rover» with the modern equipment of radio communication «Rohde & Schwarz» established on it.

Behind them together with special purpose groups move military cars «Land Rovers» with snipers onboard.

For the first time in the military parade mobile water-purifying complexes, and also field-kitchens on the basis of cars «Land Rovers» and «DONG FENG» are presented. They allow organising uninterrupted food and water supply of the staff for the period of military exercises.

The review of the Armed Forces of the country is continued by the column of medical cars of marks «Land Rover», «IVECO» and «DONG FENG».

Before the state tribune a self-propelled anti-tank rocket complex «KARAKAL» passes.

For today the national army also possesses the armoured car «NIMR». For the first time this military transport participating in the parade is equipped by anti-tank missiles «Shershen», tactical unmanned aircrafts, 82-millimetric mortars and machine guns of system of Browning.

Afterwards there appear fighting and floating armoured troop-carriers «armoured troop-carrier-80A», «armoured troop-carrier-80M» and «armoured troop-carrier-80» with portable surface-to-air missile systems. Then on the vehicle of mark «MAN» representatives of staff of armies of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the Armed Forces of the country follow. On vehicles the equipment of special purpose and 80-millimetric thermobaric missile is established.

The parade proceeds with demonstration of military technology of engineering armies. Vehicles «MAN» and heavy bridge building complex on the basis of vehicles «KrAz» pass.

On the main square vehicles of mark «MAZ» of fast reaction, intended for delivery of teams of rescuers at various emergency situations and also for maintenance of underwater works and chemical and radiation safety appear.

As a part of the third mechanised convoy before the state tribune passes the military technology of artillery divisions possessing big fire capacity and ability of destruction of target at the great depth.

Before the gathered spectators on towing vehicle «MAN» artillerymen of the national army appear. Behind them go howitzers «D-30» and «D-20» with the help of which Turkmen soldiers carry out various combat tasks and improving their professional skill.
Within the limits of modernisation of material base of the Armed Forces 152-millimetric towed guns «MSTA-B» and «Giasint-B» and 122-millimetric Multiple Launch Rocket System «BM-21А Belgrad», are also presented on the parade today.

In artillery lines there are new military technology TATRA «RM-70», which differs with high precision and power. After them pass artillery rocket complexes «BM-21 GRAD», 220-millimetric «Uragan» and 300-millimetric «Smerch», capable to make volleys at high depths.

The festive parade proceeds with the display of military technology of military-air forces and armies of antiaircraft defence.
On the square of Independence on the basis of vehicles «MAN» appear a complex plane-target «S-300», and also multi-purpose unmanned aircrafts «WJ-600», «CH-3A», «FALKO» and «LA-17», capable to fly in any weather conditions. These arms are intended for reconnaissance, revealing and destruction of land targets by means of guided missile with ray aiming.

Afterwards pass vehicles with stations of satellite equipment onboard with the help of which in any conditions uninterrupted communication is provided.

The parade proceeds the review of specialised military technology of a complex of radio-electronic supervision, and also station of tropospheric communication «TS-504» on bases of specialised vehicles «MAN« and «DONG FENG».

Then there pass the techniques reliably providing protection of air space of our country - a complex of control of radio-electronic conditions «Kolchuga», and also three-co-ordinate radar stations «YLC-2V», «YLC-18» radio engineering armies which are used for detection and tracking air targets at close, medium and long distances.

As a part of the fourth mechanised convoy move surface-to-air missile systems «Osa», «Pechora-2M», «2BМ». For the first time the Armed Forces of the country present ZRK «FM-90», «FD-2000» («DM-14SD») and «KS-1A» («TM-14SD»), intended for destruction of planes, fighting helicopters, unmanned aircrafts and cruise missiles, rockets «air-earth», guided bombs at various heights, tactical -ballistic missiles in the conditions of strong electronic hindrances and group attacks.

The parade is continued with the surface-to-air missile systems of distant radius of action «S-200В».

Then on the main square of the country as a part of the fifth mechanised convoy of special purpose vehicles of marks «Toyota Hilux», «Cobra», «Mantra», «PMV Survivor II» of the State Border Service which differs with capacity, high-speed qualities and high passability follow. These vehicles are effectively used for reliable protection of sacred boundaries of our Fatherland.

Afterwards vehicles «IVECO» with military men-frontier guards move. Surface-to-air missile systems «ZU-23» placed on their base are intended for destruction of air targets, manpower of the enemy, protection of army convoys and stationary objects.
On the square appears a landing group on bicycles. The convoy of motorcyclists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs lined up in the form of figure XXV symbolising the anniversary of Independence of our Fatherland.

The festive parade proceeds in the air. In the sky – a group of combat helicopters «Mi-17» of military-air forces of the country with the national flag of Turkmenistan and fighting banners of all combat arms of the Armed Forces. Helicopters «Agusta-139», «Mi-8» and «Mi-24» used for protection of the frontier, including in the remote mountain district fly by. Modern aircrafts are operated by Turkmen pilots who have excellently mastered skill of aerobatics.

Over the country’s main square the fighting rotary-wing aircrafts “Mi-24” intended for increase of fire power of divisions of land forces.

The military parade in air continue with helicopters «Eurocopter-145» and «S-76» of Ministry of Internal Affairs, «Agusta-109» of the State Border Service and «Eurocopter-365» of the Ministry of National Security of the country.

They are followed by modern aircrafts of the Central Administrative Board for Civil Defence and rescue Operations of the Ministry of Defence - «Super Puma» which are used for performance of search and rescue at any time in various weather conditions in case of natural and technogenic incidents.

In the air space - the military-transport plane «Mi-17» which carries out transportation of large-sized cargoes, people, and also saving and fire-prevention works. Then in the sky appear 2 multi-purpose transport helicopters «Mi-8» of the Air Forces.

Over the area special plane «Diamond-42» intended for carrying out reconnaissance flights and aero-photography and video shootings flies by.

It is followed by a group of warplanes of «Su-25» and «MiG-29».

In honour of the significant date of the national calendar in the air figure «25» is formed.

Further the parade continues with the military-transport multi-purpose plane “An-74”. Combat aircrafts “Su-25” and supersonic fighters “MiG-29”, flying by over the square of Independence, painted the clear sky in colours of rainbow. In end the big group of fighters showed such difficult group aerobatic manoeuvre, as «a high-rise fountain» that became the evident display of skill of fighting pilots.

The festive parade proceeds again on the country’s main square. Before the state tribune there appears a separate battalion of the Guard of honour of the Ministry of Defence.

A special pomp was given to the military parade in honour of the 25th anniversary of sacred independence of the native land the performance of the combined military orchestra of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan.

… The following part of the big celebration which passed in front of the state tribune in honour of the 25th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan, by tradition, a horse show opens.

To the melody of the dutar two horsemen bring an Akhalteke racer with wonderful trappings to the square in front of the tribune underlining a faultless exterior of a racer, its easy gait, heavenly beauty.

The fine horse as if cast from pure silver, is shown to the public. As a sign of deep, sincere gratitude for the indefatigable work for the sake of well-being and happiness of the Fatherland, all Turkmen people and on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Independence of Turkmenistan on behalf of his companions –in-arms, this wonderful horse - the elite representative of legendary breed is presented to the Head of the State as gift.

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov comes out to the square to accept the gift. Having approached the racer, the leader of nation tied alaja-braided lace of amulet around its neck. To the delight of the gathered the Head of the State saddled the horse there, having made a ride of honour to the general applause.

The display of Turkmen horsemen leading by the bridle of twenty five Akhalteke horses was headed by three horsemen. In this performance image of Aba-seyis and its pupils-Bajam Kovus and Annaguly Kichi are recreated.

And acrobatic pyramid which was topped with a fluttering banner of Turkmenistan became the best-known number of this part of the program developed by brave equestrians on horseback.

The horse parade is replaced by the dramatized literary-musical performance - on the square there appear popular folklore -dancing, theatrical and other creative collectives of Turkmenistan.

Over the country’s main square words “Arkadaga shohrat!” is repeated again and again.

On the country’s main square there appear representatives of the Mejlis, public organisations. In the forefront there are honourable elders of all velayats, grey-haired mothers.

In the lines of people the auto platform decorated by national symbols smoothly moves. On the panel near the state arms and the flag of Turkmenistan - the Main law of the country and its architectural symbol - the Constitution Monument.

The march continues with representatives of khyakimlik of Ashgabat city. Before the tribune the auto platform with the image of noteworthy structures of capital, new buildings and monuments passes.

Then on the square there appear representatives of spheres of science and education. The successes reached in these spheres are reflected in images and symbols of decorating the auto platform. Here books of the President of Turkmenistan are presented.
Further before the tribune pass numerous lines of sportsmen. Outlines of the Olympic stadium with a silhouette of head of horse - the main symbol of Asian Games of 2017 - decorates the auto platform. Near to it - flags of 62 countries-participants of the forthcoming Games.

The march of workers of economy, financial and bank spheres became not less colourful. The panel and breadboard models reflect dynamics of economic growth of Turkmenistan.

In a solemn march there are representatives of sphere of trade and business of Turkmenistan.

Avaza became the following theme in a celebratory march.

By the car with scenery and photo panels are presented images of luxurious hotels and recreation centres - cards of the National Tourist Zone «Avaza».

Further in the march the sphere of public health services and medical industry follows. In hands of workers of branch - flags and white balloons among which a colourful vehicle moved by. On the square together with an auto platform, which is similar to a mini-factory, there appear groups of workers of industrial branches. Before the tribune there are colourfully decorated vehicles, on one of which gifts of the generous Turkmen land and production of domestic agricultural manufacturers are presented.
On the country’s main square today there pass workers of all branches of economy – thousands of people representing almost all spheres of life of the state and society. Among them are leaders of manufactures, notable masters and leading experts, and also young personnel.

Workers of carpet making and textile enterprises of the country tried to present their sector expressively. Then before the tribune pass people in the uniforms of workers of aircraft, railwaymen, seamen and river transport workers. They are accompanied by motor vehicles decorated according to subject platforms of the sectors. Here over clouds the falcon which image is embodied in the architecture of the new air harbour of the capital and onboard white-green airliners has spread the wings. Further move structures of trains, ship floats on waves. They are employees of the State National Service «Turkmenhowayollary «, railway department, state marine and river transport services.

On the square - workers of the fuel and energy complex of the country – the key sector of the national economy. Achievements of the oil and gas branch are visually presented in thematic registration of demonstration motor vehicle with breadboard models of derricks, pipelines.

Further the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan was presented. On auto platform there is the whole collection of white marble coated constructions which have changed the outlook of our capital and regions so greatly.

… The march proceeds - on the square numerous workers of various manufactures in uniform, experts of sectoral departments of power. On the square there appear representatives of five velayats of the country and workers of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan. On auto platform decorated with a big card, colourful scenery with rainbow from gels as symbols of each region. In the foreground tamdyr - an image of a family hearth, a native home and fidelity to national traditions. By other vehicle - art symbols, images of world classical and national heritage: lyre and dutar.

On the country’s main square - the best children’s creative groups, young talents and small actors act with a fervent dancing composition, joyful songs of happy childhood and beloved native land, friendship and fulfilment of treasured desires sounds.
Anniversary celebrations on the country’s main square are finished by the bright song and dancing composition devoted to the epoch of power and happiness, Fatherland and Independence.


The concert program in honour of Independence Day took place tonight on the square in front of the cultural-entertaining centre «Älem» where numerous residents and visitors of the capital gathered.

Stars of music, masters and young variety soloists took part in the solemn event.

And with approach of darkness volleys of celebratory salute were fired and in the evening sky over a huge big wheel of the centre «Älem» a sparkling fountain of light flashed. In honour of Independence Day fireworks were displayed in the administrative centres of all velayats of the country as well.


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