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Tax system is the independent socio-economic development tool

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Explanation of regulations and innovations, formation of responsible citizenship concerning the timely and full payment of taxes, development of tax culture and increase of tax literacy of the population – the main mission of the professional magazine, issued by the Main State Tax Service of Turkmenistan.

The next issue of the “Tax System of Turkmenistan” magazine starts with an overview of this sector over 25 years of our country’s Independent development.

The article “Development of tax system of Turkmenistan in the years of the great goals and high achievements” denotes the main stages of forming the own model of the tax policy, and its improvement taking into account the concrete conditions and objectives.

Traditional heading “Comments” continues the regular issue, where competent explanations and advices are given on application of particular provisions of the Tax Code of Turkmenistan.

A reader will find a lot of useful information in the section “Questions-Answers”, representing a kind of express-workshop on study of tax administration management and tax legislative execution in one particular situation or another.

Thus, the financial-economic publication affords opportunity to a wide range of readers not only to be always aware of the latest changes in the tax system, creating prerequisites to extension of production sphere, investment and innovation activities, as well as to improve the Turkmen people’s life quality.


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