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President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov took part in the opening of a new phase of the residential community Taze Zaman

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On October 19, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov took part in celebrations on the occasion of commissioning of the 3rd stage of the residential area of Taze Zaman in Rukhabat etrap of the Turkmen capital, and also a new bridge over the Karakum-river.

… In the morning Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov by his car arrived at the place where the new automobile bridge over the Karakum-river near to the residential area of Taze Zaman, was built.

Here the chairwoman of the Mejlis, deputy chairpersons of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of ministries and departments, military and law enforcement bodies, public organisations, khyakim of Ashgabat, numerous inhabitants of Rukhabat etrap gathered.

The President of Turkmenistan cut a symbolical ribbon and opened the new automobile bridge over the Karakum-river.
On the autobahns laid through over the country tens of engineering objects - modern traffic intersections, bridges and platforms are erected.

The length of a flying structure of the bridge in which design of advanced technical developments have found their application, makes up about 90 metres. The bridge differs with its original architectural style where elements of modern design and national decor were used. The width of carriageway parts - 13 metres and the quantity of lanes – by 3 in each side. The load-carrying capacity of the bridge, i.e. the maximum loading is 480 tons. All the adjoining territory is landscaped.

Here, on the bridge the Leader of nation was warmly welcomed by participants of the opening ceremony of the complex of objects of electrical supply of the capital and also an administrative office with the educational centre of the American company «General Electric» - vice-president «General Electric Power» for countries of Europe, Russia, CIS countries and Turkey Ricardo Cordoba, Director for scientific researches of University of Bordeaux (France), Professor, Dr Anny Sasko, Senior Adviser of the Ministry of Economics of Liechtenstein, associated Professor Atilla Dincer , Chairman of the European Fund of international relations, representative of the Austrian Power Institute, professor Leopold Kaiblinger.

Having welcomed visitors, the Head of the State invited them to become participants of today’s celebration.
A bright colour and a special importance to the present action were given by the real Turkmen wedding developed at this time. The newly-married couples are new settlers of the residential area Taze Zaman.

With appearance of the wedding motorcade of «gelnaljy» of white retro cars of different models on the bridge accompanied by relatives, numerous visitors and musicians, here the atmosphere of big Turkmen toy with all attributes inherent in it, fun, music and dances prevailed.

It is not a mere chance that the namely the young couple were the first welcomes the Head of state Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov on the way to the new residential complex Taze Zaman. Indeed, it is they, successors of wise traditions and precepts of our ancestors, whom the future of our country and people has been entrusted.

«Gelnaljy» and the escort of tens of cars made direction towards Taze Zaman.

The Leader of nation invited foreign visitors, Mrs. Anny Sasko, Atilla Dincer, Leopold Kaiblinger and Ricardo Cordoba to join and proceed together with him to the new residential complex where today the complex of modern houses is put into operation.
Everywhere is reigned the festive atmosphere with performance of the ensemble of 100 dutar players - young talented pupils of famous masters whom Turkmens with respect name «masters», ancient national melodies and modern songs sound.

The car of Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov stops at the place where vocalists performed parts from the opera «Makhtumkuli». A high professional level of actors especially admired visitors of the celebration. Demonstration of wrestlers and cheerful national games is everywhere evoking joy.

As known, the issues of erection of modern housing complexes, creation of necessary conditions for further increase of standards of living and social security of population constantly are in the centre of attention of the Head of the State.

The 3rd stage includes a complex of social and other objects. Among them there are 443 one-storeyed and two-storeyed apartment houses of several kinds (for one and for two families), as a whole – for 508 farmsteads. In them optimum conveniences and comfort for tenants, including spacious rooms arranged with modern furniture, well equipped kitchens, terraces are provided.

New apartment houses were erected taking into account features of life of Turkmen people. At each yard personal plots, including a kitchen garden, a place for livestock maintenance, garages, tamdyr (national stove for baking bread) and also necessary technical communications are provided.

There are two kindergartens for 240 children were built and all conditions for harmonious development and interesting leisure of young pupils taking into account features of age groups are created in Taze Zaman residential complex.

On his way the Head of the State observed celebrations developed at each of houses. In the yard of one of the cottage complexes new settlers were celebrated «gelin toy». The attention of Leader of nation Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov was involved with an ancient ceremony «gelnaljy». The Turkmen wedding is accompanied by the whole complex of rituals and ceremonies. Among them there is a ceremony of arrival of the bride in the house of the groom. Today ancient customs have assumed a new development, being enriched with modern elements, but keeping the spirit of the best traditions of this remarkable family celebration.

The Head of the State, having wished the newly-married couple long and happy life, went towards one of the two new schools designed for 800 pupils each.

To the storm of applause of the ceremony participants the President of Turkmenistan cuts a symbolical ribbon and enters the building, beginning acquaintance with the school’s arrangement.

The school rooms intended for primary classes and study of various subject matters - mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry etc., are equipped by interactive and other special equipment and thematic visual aids.

Then, the Head of the State visited one of school rooms where first-graders for whom this day became a big holiday are trained. First-graders in verses expressed warm gratitude to the Head of Turkmenistan for his fatherly care of harmonious development of younger generation, for happy childhood in the epoch of might and happiness.

Then, the Head of the State, addressing children and visitors of the celebration, told that a joint photo will become a good memorable gift of today for children.

Having wished children successes in their study, the leader of nation visited a music class where he familiarised with the course of the lesson of 4th graders.

Showing like in everything his many-sided talent and inspiration, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov is the author of remarkable musical compositions, and masterful plays various instruments.

In the lesson one of the pupils addressed the Leader of nation with the request to allow playing accordion the melody of Chary Nurymov. The second of the pupils showed the skill by the ancient drum - darbuke. In turn, the schoolgirl of the same class masterly played the flute the of composition of Chary Nurymov «Ýaşlyk joşguny».

Having left a memorable record in the Book of guests of honour, Leader of nation Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov wished the staff of the high school big successes in work, and children – fulfilment of all their cherished desires.

Warmly having said goodbye to pupils and teachers the Head of the State went to the territory which was laid out for a park zone.
Here a young inhabitant of Taze Zaman requested the President of Turkmenistan to plant a young tree on the occasion of a memorable event – a Turkmen juniper, having started the formation of a future fine park. All participants of the festive event, including a newly-married couple joined the planting of trees.

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov once again wished new settlers health, happiness and family well-being.


Today here in «Toy mekany» the celebration on the occasion of young pair wedding - new settlers of the residential complex Taze Zaman to which foreign visitors and participants of the present ceremonies were invited, took place.

In congratulatory speeches, young couples were expressed wishes of love, happiness and well-being.

A special celebratory atmosphere to the celebration was given by incendiary songs and dances performed by variety actors and creative groups.


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