13th volume of publication “Toward New Heights of Progress” is released | TDH

13th volume of publication “Toward New Heights of Progress” is released

опубликованно 17.09.2020 // 144 - просмотров

13th volume of publication “Toward New Heights of Progress”, which includes program speeches, scientific articles, interviews, greetings, messages and congratulations to the nation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in 2019 has been released.

The issue gives extended presentation of current reforms, grandiose projects, dynamic development of the economy, public and political life, modernization of scientific and educational system, activities for enrichment of cultural heritage of Turkmen people.

At the same time, articles of new volume indicate steadfast expansion of friendly and beneficial relations with countries of the world, fruitful partnership with international organizations.

The book starts with brief analytical review, which highlights important events in public and political life, reflects progressive orientation and humanistic nature of the policy of the Head of Turkmenistan. Events of 2019, which supplemented the range of achievements of the country, demonstrate the dynamic character of the policy of the Head of the State.

The publication serves as important scientific and documentary, informational and educational source revealing content of modern ideology of our state, reformation policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The volume, which is published in Turkmen and Russian languages, has scientific and informational appendix, which provides bibliographic and geographic index and list of abbreviations.


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