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Dashoguz farmers start cotton harvest

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Farmers of Dashoguz Region, where picking of cotton starts later than in other regions, have begun picking of cotton on September 16.

Objectives of organized harvest campaign, coordinated work and cooperation of all relevant services were the main subjects of working session held in the regional administration.

The cotton fields in the region occupy 155,000 hectares, from which it is planned to pick 275,000 tons of cotton. The farmers of the region give preference to medium fibre breeds such as Dashoguz 120, Dashoguz 144, Serdar, S-4727, Jeyhun, 149F and other.

Uninterrupted rate of field works will be provided by modern agricultural equipment. Around 300 high productive John Deere cotton pickers, which fleet has been added with new vehicles these days, would be used in harvest campaign. It is planned that MX-1.8 cotton picking units of Uzbekistan make towed by tractors will be taken to the fields.

1,835 trucks and tractors with trailers have been allocated for transportation of cotton. 43 reception facilities and 9 cotton gins of Daşoguzpagta Production Association have been prepared to work around the clock.

Specialists of Türkmenstandartlary General State Service will check the quality of produced raw cotton in laboratories provided with modern equipment.

Heads of regional and districts administrations, farming associations as well as representatives of public organizations, scientists, agronomists, machine operators, drivers and framers have taken part in the events on occasion of the start of cotton harvest.

Exhibition of agricultural equipment and production made by regional agricultural complex has been organized. Colourful concert programme was prepared and demonstrated by art bands of the region.

Truck and trailer decorated with flags and fully loaded with cotton have went toward the cotton gin located in Kunyaurgench district.


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