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Video conference session is held with experts of the World Health Organization

опубликованно 16.09.2020 // 172 - просмотров

Consultation of exports of the World Health Organization (WHO) on clinical examination of patients with severe acute respiratory infections was held in video conference format in the Ministry of Health Protection and Medical Industry of the country.

Online meeting, which was organized by the WHO office in Geneva, was aimed at improvement of qualification of Turkmen specialists due to the spread of dangerous infection diseases in the world.

Turkmen health professionals have shared gained experience of work on prevention of appearance and spread of coronavirus and other dangerous infections in our country and spoked of measures in the sphere of laboratory diagnostics, epidemiological monitoring and prevention of diseases.

Having highly appreciated wide-scale integrated work carried out in all directions of health protection of the population, the experts of WHO highlighted importance and currency of new initiatives of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov who urged the world community to consolidate the efforts in combating of new challenges in the sphere of public health protection and to involve mechanisms of scientific diplomacy more actively.

It was mentioned that improvement of current preventive measures for reduction of risk of spread of various diseases is carried out taking into account recommendations and proposals of WHO, which plays bog role in development and improvement of national health protection system.

It was highlighted that World Health Organization is willing to continue working efficiently with Turkmenistan including by establishment of close working contacts for exchange of information, gained experience and knowledge in prevention and treatment of dangerous infectious diseases.


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