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Strategy of digital transformation: Vector of stable development of Turkmenistan

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Accelerated digitization of all branches of national economy and active introduction of modern information and communication technologies are mandatory conditions for successful solution of priority objectives of social and economic development of Turkmenistan.

The Centre of Geographic Information, which opening was highlighted by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers on August 14 dedicated to the outcome of work of the government for seven months of the year, is an important measure implemented in this direction.

The Centre will support to systematization of collection, storage, analysis and graphic visualization of dimensional (geographic) data and information about all facilities of urban infrastructure related to this.

Having focused on importance of introduction of digital technologies in the cities, Turkmen leader noted that it is necessary to start this wide-scale activity in the capital. In this regard, relative officials were instructed to take measures for development of 3D model of the main city of the country and to digitize engineering networks, buildings and land plots.

All of these together will allow determining the load of engineering and communication systems, modelling future urban construction works, forming up a database of free land. Thus, conditions for rational use of land and detection of its misuse will be provided.

In other words, overall picture and integrated assessment of the infrastructure of Turkmen capital will be made due to innovative technologies for further development of the city. Digitization of business, production and management processes will allow making ‘smart’ cities in future, where demands of the population will be satisfied more rapidly and comprehensively.

Focusing on making of comfortable conditions for citizens’ life, the President of Turkmenistan always notes that it is necessary to hold works for improvement of all systems of life support in the capital, introduction of advanced technologies allowing supporting the establishment of digital environment of the city under control.

In this context, implementation of new edition of National Programme of fundamental improvement of rural population, which was developed at the request of the Head of the State, will be continued on the level of digitization of regions and rural areas, which will be strong catalyst of their efficient development.

Indeed, this is an unprecedented by scale and importance targeted strategy, which is aimed at improvement of life of our fellow countrymen. Practical implementation of objectives specified in this document has supported fundamental change of the image of settlements in the regions where modern industrial and social infrastructure has been made by today.

Implementation of National rural programme is successfully continued. Quality of medical services and education has been considerable improved in all parts of the country for all these years; social and living conditions in cities and rural area have been equalized, having brought it close to international standards.

Successfully implemented Concept of development of digital economy in Turkmenistan until 2025 is aimed at further development of the branches of national economy by its rapid diversification.

This document, which was approved by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, includes seven sections, which reflect current condition of the system of information and communication technologies, goals and objectives of the Concept, ways and mechanisms of its implementation, expected results.

Planned programme measures in this field are aimed at making of conditions for the formation of knowledge society, its informational space, improvement of wellbeing and life level of the citizens by improvement of availability and quality of goods and services, enhancement of management systems of various spheres.

Big role in this process is given to financial sector. Stable development of Turkmenistan is directly related to the enforcement factors: further integration to the world economy, activation of productive trade, economic and investment collaboration, finding of new directions of partnership on the background of scientific and technical progress, development of coordinated solution of common issues and problems.

The policy pursued by Turkmen leader is interrelated with the objectives of 2030 Global Sustainable Development Agenda. Advantages of digital technologies are obvious for the SDGs, which are integrated into all state programmes and big economic projects as well as to social policy of the Leader of the nation. Therefore, development of telemedicine technologies, online education and distant learning, tools of electronic government and other have received strong stimulus in the last years.

Strategic course of Turkmenistan is targeted at provision of high competiveness of national economy. The world practice proves that the more the country is developed the more significant role in its life is played by information technologies. That is why, accelerated transfer to digital technologies is carried out in the country.

At present time, programme work for diversification of entire national economy, modernization of its main sectors, active application of scientific developments in production is carried out at high rates. Steadfast measures for introduction of digitization is always discussed at the sessions and meetings of the Government. Innovations are not just widely used modern technologies but a process of their permanent update, Head of Turkmen state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov invariably mentions.

Turkmen specialists study in details and master advanced experience and progressive practices aiming at making of national model based not only on import of turnkey solutions and know-hows but also on its own scientific and technological base.

Taking into account specified goals, gradual transit of the government establishments to digital system, work for provision of electronic services in different spheres, modernization of industrial facilities and agricultural complex are carried out.

Close attention is concentrated on training of qualified specialists in the sphere of information and communication technologies. Taking into account activity for introduction of intellectual systems and latest IP-technologies, special importance is paid to common education of digital knowledge and improvement of educational programmes in this sphere.

The Concept of development of digital education, according to which all stages of education in our country have to be provided comprehensively with advanced computer and multimedia equipment and electronic educational resources is aimed at solution of objectives set in this direction.

“We have set an objective to turn our country into industrially developed state. At present time when transit to digital economy is carried out, national universities have to pay special attention to training of personnel in the most required specialties like programmers, engineers and technologists”, - the Head of the State said at the above-mentioned session of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Innovative information and communication technologies are actively implemented to all educational institutes every year, high-speed access to the world database and electronic libraries is provided via internet, educational methods are improved. Distant lectures and video conference sessions with participation of foreign specialists are regularly organized in high educational institutes.

Digitization has become an important stage of development of national model of the economy, transit to which became possible due to clear, well-thought and scientifically based strategy of the Head of the State, which provided not only stable positive dynamic of growth but also adaptation to the changes of the world market and minimization of risks caused by external factors.

Normative and legal base in this sphere is improved. Establishment of Interdepartmental commission for development of digital economy in Turkmenistan this January was one of important practical measures. Türkmenaragatnaşyk Agency was appointed as an authorized body.

Today, ministries and departments, government and private structures carry out steadfast work for strengthening of equipment and facility base and making of necessary network platforms, develop new and improve existing websites integrating functions of service provisions in online format. Government credit organizations providing big range of network opportunities to the clients had a big success in this field.

Contest “Digital Solution 2020”, where all interested individuals and legal entities of the country would be able to participate, announced by Türkmenaragatnaşyk Agency is a good stimulus for development of innovative projects. It is expected that outcomes of the contest will be summed up during Türkmentel 2020 International Exhibition.

Significant governmental support will serve directly to active introduction of advanced digital technologies. It is enough to remind that at the extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers in the beginning of February, the President of Turkmenistan has informed about provision of 10 million US dollars for opening of IT-centers in Ashgabat and regions.

In the same month, the Resolution on development and implementation of electronic document management systems and internet websites in Turkmenistan has been signed. In this regard, certain objectives were given to national mass media. Thus, relative procedure has been developed for transfer of printing media to electronic format according to the request of Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

It is worth to mention that launch of own websites and other web resources of various newspapers and magazines of the country has number of obvious advantages. Together with undisputable convenience for readers, wide coverage of internet space by Turkmen mass media will allow increasing the level of awareness of international community about our country, its success and achievements.

Therefore, actual measures taken by initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov give strong impulse to the growth of national economy and stable development of Turkmenistan.


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