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The World Health organization supports preventive measures of Turkmenistan

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Humanitarian cargo, which was sent by the World Health Organization, has come to Turkmenabat International Airport. This good will act has been dictated by intent of WHO to further development of multidimensional cooperation with Turkmenistan, in particular under support of the country’s Infections Disease Readiness and Response Plan initiated and approved by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

WHO representatives who accompanied international cargo, noted that activation of humanitarian cooperation is important today like no other time else. This event has become another evidence of joint combating of danger threatening the health of humanity.

In this regard, it was highlighted that taking into account complicated situation, Turkmenistan not only develops cooperation aimed at consolidation of efforts of the world community in combating of pandemic but also provides specific support to number of states itself.

Information about complex of preventive measures laid out in written message of the President of Turkmenistan to the Secretary General of the World Health Organization was one of significant examples of contribution of our country to joint efforts for combating of spread of coronavirus infection.

As it was informed this letter was published in six official languages of the UN and distributed as official document of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The country implements practical measures for prevention of entry of dangerous infection. In particular, the Plan of relative response social and economic measures has been approved together with the above-mentioned National Plan.

At present time, Turkmenistan together with the United Nations starts development of the third National plan, which covers humanitarian component of measures taken by the country against COVID-19.

Humanitarian cargo, which includes 320,000 medical masks, 130,000 respirators, more than 88,000 of face shields, more than 18,000 safety glasses and 12,000 gowns, has been sent to the capital by special transport. The resources will be distributed in the capital and handed over to medical facilities accordingly.


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