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For the health benefits of the people: prevention and protection

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As reported, as a result of recent studies of atmospheric air in Ashgabat and the regions of the country, an increased content of dust particles was found in air. In order to prevent the adverse effects of climatic factors on body, the next stage of preventive measures is carried out in Turkmenistan.

To prevent the spread of infectious diseases on the territory of our country, which today cause serious concern to all mankind, healthcare institutions, in particular, the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, carryout comprehensive disinfection work in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

The explanatory sanitary and educational work on the measures for the prevention of viral diseases is also constantly carried out among the population, information and educational materials are developed and published.

The mission of the World Health Organization, which arrived in the country on a working visit, got acquainted with the measures taken in this direction.

Given the tense epidemiological situation abroad and, first of all, in neighboring countries, and in order to ensure security on the territory of Turkmenistan, the disinfection measures were taken.

Also, for the purpose of sanitary protection and processing of large areas and the prevention of various diseases of the population living there, air transport is used. This is especially important given the increased dust content in the air due to the penetration of air masses from the southeast, northeast and north of the country.

In particular, disinfecting measures aimed at tackling causative agents of infectious diseases are carried out with the help of light aircrafts by spraying 1% chlorine solution or 0.25% sodium hypochlorite solution.

This scientifically-based work is carried out in two stages. The first of them is aimed at soil disinfection and is carried out from 15-20-meter-height. The second stage is carried out from a height of 50-60 meters and it is aimed at destroying pathogenic microbes and viruses that are concentrated at a level of about 40 meters from the earth’s surface. Such events were held in the border areas of Mary and Lebap velayats.

At present, this work has been launched in the border areas of the Balkan velayat and in the territories adjacent to the cities of Turkmenbashi and Balkanabat. This work continues, covering bypass highways running around the velayat centers of the country and the Turkmen capital.

Aer spraying of disinfectant solutions allows quickly and efficiently sanitizing large areas in order to prevent diseases and destroy pathogenic microorganisms in the environment.

Turkmen specialists exchange experience with colleagues from other countries, who have already accumulated significant experience in the fight against the new threat.

Thus, Turkmenistan continues the work to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in Turkmenistan, carries out a regular analysis of the situation, and takes all necessary and consistent measures in this direction.

Despite the difficult situation in the world in connection with the spread of COVID-19, the epidemiological environment in Turkmenistan remains sufficiently stable due to timely steps taken to prevent the penetration of a dangerous infection into the country.


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