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Startup of the winter wheat sowing campaign in Turkmenistan

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In the past week, the mass winter wheat sowing campaign started inTurkmenistan.

760 000 hectares is the total area to be planted to winter wheat to produce 1,600,000 tons of grain in 2016, including: 450,000 tons - in Akhal velayat; 380,000 tons - in Mary velayat; 350,000 tons - in Lebap velayat; 300,000 tons - in Dashoghuz velayat; and 120,000 tons - in Balkan velayat.

High-quality seeds of high yielding varieties of wheat were prepared for the seeding campaign, notably: «Sahrayi», «Juwan», «Bitarap», «Yoloten-1», «Yoloten-3», «Turkmenbashy-1», «Gyzylshaglawuk-25», «Miras», «Akbash», «Wassa», «Irishka», «Yubileynava-100», «Batko», as well as «Krupinka».

On the whole, in Turkmenistan, at the present campaign over 2,000 units of ploughing, 5,000 units of «Klaas», «Keýs», «John Deere», «Belarus-80H» and «Belarus-82.1» tractor cultivators, as well as over 1,670 units of seeders, other units and equipment will be engaged.

From the viewpoint of the state’s progressive development, noteworthy is the fact that Turkmenistan has started to export food grain. We should also note that this year, our country has been awarded a special prize of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) for achievements in ensuring food security as one of the Millennium Development Goals outlined in the FAO program for 2015. It speaks in favour of successful solution of the tasks on ensuring food abundance in the country, including at the expense of full satisfaction of the local market’s demands for the domestically produced bread.


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