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Reception of documents to high and secondary educational institutes of Turkmenistan starts

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At the extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers on July 3, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed the Resolution, having approved the plans of reception to study in high and secondary educational institutes of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat and regions in 2020.

According to the document, high and secondary educational institutes of the country are assigned to organize reception for study on July 6 – August 15 this year and to hold entry exams in educational institutes.

14,337 people will become first grade students of high educational institutes this year, which is 2,095 people more than last year. 9,490 people will study in secondary professional schools of the country.

Turkmen young men and women try to master professional skills, which are required in modern world, to receive specialities meeting requirements of national and world economy.

Public control of entry exams to high educational institutes will be implemented. Course on digital system will be also organized in all schools.

During the above-mentioned session of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Head of Turkmenistan has set number of objective to relative officials. Thus, it was requested to pay special attention to methodology of training of personnel in new directions, to improve this work steadily, to develop modern educational plans together with scientists of the Academy of Science and specialists of various spheres.

Addressing directors of high educational institutes, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that following objectives of development of digital economy, it is necessary to continue introducing new specialities in informational and communication technologies, especially in engineering technical and technological, in high educational institutes of the country.

Taking into account active implementation of innovations, the heads of ministries and profile departments were ordered to carry out work for forecast of demanded specialities and to determine the main requirements set for personnel of organizations and facilities.

The focus has also been made on importance of scientific and production relations of educational sphere and provision of training of qualified personnel according to the programmes of social and economic development of the country and the Concept of development of digital economy.

For this purpose, the world practice is studied thoroughly, relations with foreign educational and scientific centres are expanded and practice of training of national specialists in foreign countries for development of innovative productions and invitation of professionals from other countries is supported in Turkmenistan.

Turkmen school and university students take active part in international and state contests achieving high results. Educational plans and programmes, study books are regularly updated, their content is enriched, system of digital education, which is one of components of modern economy, is developed.

Coming back to the subject of reception of documents to high educational and secondary professional institutes of Turkmenistan, it is worth mentioning that entry exams will be held from July 22 to August 11.

Reception of documents to secondary professional schools of pedagogical, medical and cultural character will be held on July 6 – 19 while the exams on July 22 – 29. At the same time, secondary professional schools of financial and economical direction and self-sustained secondary professional institutes will receive documents until August 8 while entry exams will be held on August 11 – 15.


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