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The President of Turkmenistan goes on working leave

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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov went on leave spending it in one of the resort centres of the country as usual giving preference to active leisure.

As it was informed at the extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the outcomes of the first half of the year last week, the Head of the State announced about giving leave to the members of the Government from July 7 to August 6, which they can spend in the health resorts of the country.

Nowadays, Turkmen citizens have opportunity to spend their holidays with efficiency and to strengthen their health not only in traditional summer holiday season but also in any time of the year.

Sanatoriums and resort centres of the country, which are provided with latest equipment and advanced medical technologies, have comfortable conditions for qualitative heath-improving holidays including with family.

Modernization of equipment and facility base of sanatorium and resort sphere, strengthening of its role in the formation of optimal living environment supporting full reveal of creative potential of society and every citizen are outlined among the main objectives of the State Health Programme.

In this context, improvement of services provided to the population is one of the most important vectors. At the same time, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov notes that rich and unique recreational resources, picturesque natural landscapes will allow turning Turkmenistan into international health resort and popular centre of tourism.

Being a professional medic and scientist, the Head of the State knows what how the holiday with opportunity to support and improve health for full working activity is important. At the same time, the Head of Turkmenistan pays special attention to its sport component.

Nowadays, the capital and all regions of the country have modern physical training and sport centres and other profile facilities and each national resort centre has sport grounds, swimming pools, gyms provided with various sport exercise machines.

The Head of the State dedicates his free time to scientific activity and various arts including literature working on new books as well to music.

Horse riding and taking care of ahalteke horses, cycling rides and vehicle rides and many other activities are the most favourite activities during holidays and days off for Turkmen leader.

Rich cultural and spiritual heritage of the nation and its glorious history are the sources of inspiration for the Head of Turkmenistan. Being a supporter of primordial family values, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov spends time with pleasures with his grandchildren and doing sports and arts.

At the same time, Turkmen leader also highlights that communication with nature, which helps people to restore the energy and gives cheerfulness, is the best method to take rest, relive from physical and emotional tension.

From old times, Turkmen people used to live in harmony with nature, with which its world outlook, life and destiny are connected with unbreakable ties. There are many beautiful, impressive natural attractions, which give plenty of unforgettable emotions to tourists.

Therefore, nowadays, Turkmenistan has all capabilities and conditions to have comfortable holidays, having received a charge of healing energy from the nature and to get power for further creative work.


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