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Oleg Kononenko: Turkmen people can be proud of its national leader

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Hero of Turkmenistan, Commander of space team of “Roscosmos” State Space Activity Corporation Oleg Kononenko address a letter to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

“Kindly accept my sincere congratulation on occasion of your birthday! – The letters says. – 63 years is an age of the Prophet, an important milestone of life. It is also a milestone for politician and President in historical context, in evaluation of what has been done for the state and its people.

Back in 2007, you have been elected as the President of Turkmenistan in the result of national elections and your destiny become unbreakable with huge responsibility for the destiny of the country. for all these years, you have been taking important historical decisions, which defined strategic vectors of development of home and foreign policy of Turkmen state.

Today, the country and Turkmen nation can be proud by right with its national leader, a true patriot, whose thoughts and efforts are aimed at achievement of the main goal – prosperity of wealth of his Motherland.

Being born in Turkmenistan, the land that gave me way to life, I feel joy and pride seeing my homeland has become a respected and competent member of the world community, dynamically developing state with stable political system, strong economy, powerful social sector, open to innovations and advanced knowledge under your leadership. Your decision on beginning of development of space industry of Turkmenistan was an important news for me. I think this is a strategic measure, which makes the foundation of technological breakthrough of Turkmenistan into the rank of developed states of the planet.

Having reached your 63rd anniversary, you are in excellent physical shape and give examples of regular various sport exercises, excellently drive vehicle and ride a horse. Today, the world sees you leading Turkmenistan as a government official who clearly see the targets and methods to achieve these targets. I am confident that they all will be reached and Turkmenistan under your outstanding leadership will continue move confidently along the way of progress and prosperity.

Dear Mr President, kindly accept my warmest wishes of strong health and new achievements in your historical mission of the Leader of Turkmenistan”.


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