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Ashgabat hosted XI specialized exhibition of the neighbouring country and the Turkmen-Iranian business forum

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In the past week, the capital’s exhibition centre «Sergikösgi» hosted XI specialized exhibition of the Republic of Iran organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan and Iranian company «ParsPegahTejarat».

In the numerous pavilions of exhibition, on display were the samples and models of equipment and machinery intended for the oil-gas and energy spheres, chemical industry, road-transport sector, water and agricultural spheres, building materials industry.

Besides, widely were represented: metal ware and aluminium and plastic shapes of «IstaSteelStructurecomp.»; pumps and electric service panels of «ApadanaSanat»; electric and optic-fibre cables of «Shahid Ghandi Corporation»; plastic pipes of «Polyethilene HoghavematBandar»; chemical goods of «Chloran chemical production company»; distribution panels of “AdakBehinNiroo”; petrochemical goods of «Cala»; water supply and treatment systems and decorative and facing construction materials; various covers made of stone, plastic; power panels; woodworking, metal cutting and polishing tools; drilling equipment; motor cars; and others.

On display was also the produce of light industry of Iran: machine-made carpets, packing equipment, empties. The goods of company «Marsuscom.» - plastic films for construction; sunshade and ventilation systems for greenhouses and the designs of their construction; fish- and bird-breeding enterprises - evoked special interest of Turkmen colleagues. A broad range of concentrated birdseeds intended for poultry farms was displayed by the company «Kimiadam».

The Culture Centre of the IRI Embassy and representative office of the Iranian bank «Saderat– Iran» in Turkmenistan, which invest in establishing close bilateral contacts, also took part in the expositions.
And of course, samples of traditional handmade Iranian carpets, as well as fine utensils, souvenirs, and many other products, which reflect rich history and ancient culture of the Iranian people, were a decoration of the exhibition.


The capital’s business centre «Mizan» hosted the Turkmen-Iranian business forum. The agenda of forum included the issues of further expansion of bilateral trade, economic, and investment cooperation, determination of most topical trends of partnership. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Turkmenistan were organizers of the forum.

Representatives of leading ministries and departments of our country, as well as the Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Union of Turkmenistan were among the participants of the forum. Among the guests were heads of Iranian companies and firms specialized in the spheres of fuel and energy complex, building materials, chemical industry and agriculture, including «Pars PegahTejarat», «Iritec », «Sadid Group», and others.

In the course of forum, it was pointed out that the present meeting will invest in deepening the bilateral contacts and will make a positive impact on the perspectives of partnership. In particular, in his speech, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the IRI to Turkmenistan Saýed Mohamad Musa Hashemi Golpaeghani confirmed high interest of business circles of his country in cooperation with Turkmenistan – the country which possesses enormous reserves of resources and economic potential and has gained in the word reputation of a reliable and solid partner.

Fuel and energy, trade and economic sectors, chemical industry, agriculture and food industry were named among the priority areas for cooperation.

Within the framework of the forum, bilateral meetings between business circles and different departments of the two countries were also held, centred on the discussion of new joint projects.


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