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President of Turkmenistan participated in the motor racing event

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On August 22, the Turkmen capital hosted the “Alfa-Romeo-2015” Cup event with participation of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov.

Early in morning, the head of state arrived at the starting point of the car rally. Its route ran from the Health Footpath in the Kopetdag foothills to Geokdere settlement and back.

At the venue, Interior Minister I. Mulikov reported to the leader of nation on the readiness to the rally co-organized by the Auto Racing Center of the Interior Ministry of Turkmenistan and the National Auto Racing Center.

Dressed in a race suit, the President of Turkmenistan welcomed the car rally drivers and asked them about the conditions provided for their training sessions and material-technical support.
The nation’s leader got into one of the “Alfa Romeo” cars – with number 7.

Another six cars, participating in the rally, also lined up ready for the start. Everything was ready for the breathtaking motor race show.

After “Get on your mark!’ signal, the race cars were off, rapidly picking up speed. They swiftly covered the distance in the mountainous section of the route with sharp bends and steep ascents.

The chosen 57-kilometer race route with challenging configurations enabled the drivers to demonstrate their best qualities and high level of driving proficiency.

The roaring race cars were moving at astonishing speed with the gap between them now narrowing and then widening again. And then, leaving behind its rivals, the “Alfa Romeo” car number 7 took the course onward to the victory!

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov was the first to reach the finish. The nation’s leader once again has demonstrated his outstanding proficiency in driving a race car, having overcome the 57-kilometer distance for 26 min. 10 sec.

Gurbanmyrat Hommadov (26 min. 13 sec.), a representative of the Auto Racing Center took second place, having left one second behind his clubmate – Parahat Garlyev, who was the third.

After the race, the head of state wished the sportsmen great success in raising their professional level and good results in races.

In the talk with the head of the Auto Racing Center of the Interior Ministry G. Agamyradov, the nation’s leader concentrated attention on the plans for developing the auto racing sport in our country and bringing it up to a qualitatively new level.

G.Agamyradov expressed his deep gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov for his concern for popularization of motor racing, strengthening of its material and technical base; this enables Turkmen sportsmen to achieve good results, to take part in the international events. The fact that this year our team of racing drivers has participated in the “Dakar” Rally for the first time was given as an example.

Participation of Turkmen race drivers in the prestigious international “Silk Road” Rally (from Kazan to Ashgabat) in 2009 was a landmark event the development of motor sport incipient in our country.

The rally won close attention of the international sporting community. As the world media highlighted, the “Silk Road” Rally was not only the largest race, but it also became the important sporting event destined to give a new impetus to the international cooperation. Moreover, the mere fact of holding the Kazan-Ashgabat Rally was the clearest evidence of Turkmenistan’s high prestige, wide recognition of the policy of peace, friendship and good-neighbor steadily pursued by the nation’s leader.

The head of state has stressed that in the years ahead, it is necessary to continue to develop motor sport in the country by encouraging young people and teenagers to participate in it, and training the rising generation. In this regard, the nation’s leader gave the Center’s head a number of commissions. At the same time, the nation’s leader emphasized that creation of the sport-related infrastructure, construction of high-speed tracks is one of the key conditions for holding international motor racing events in our country in the future.

Besides, the President of Turkmenistan highlighted the significance of ensuring road safety, especially by attracting public attention to the children’s safety in the roads. To this end, it is necessary to continue to regularly organize various preventive actions for schoolchildren, the thematic role-playing games and lessons using thereto the advantage of facilities of the children’s new autodrome to be open in Ashgabat in the near future.

Then, the head of state Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov wished the event attendees success in work and departed from the venue.


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