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The talks between President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov and President Emomali Rahmon

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On August 20, in the Turkmen capital, the talks were held between President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov and President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon who arrived in our country on an official visit the day before.

On completion of the impressive arrival ceremony in the Independence Square, the negotiation process in the one-to-one format started in the “Beg” Hall of the Ruhyet Palace.

During the talks, held in warm and friendly atmosphere, the heads of Turkmenistan and the Republic of Tajikistan considered a wide range of issues of interstate interaction, successfully developing in both the bilateral and regional formats. Welcoming availability of vast potential for the fruitful Turkmen-Tajik cooperation further intensification, the counterparts have evinced reciprocal interest in efficient unleashing of the potential available.

During the meeting, the sides exchanged views on the prospects of enhancing bilateral partnership in the context of implementing the agreements reached earlier, as well as in the light of new opportunities for intensifying mutually beneficial relations. Trade and economic sphere, fuel and energy complex, energy, transport and other sectors were sorted out among the priority trends of cooperation.
The sides also exchanged views on the topical issues of regional and international policy of mutual concern.

Further, the enlarged negotiation process moved to the “Ruh” Hall with participation of the two countries’ official delegations.

Warmly welcoming President Emomali Rahmon and all members of the representative delegation accompanying him, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov noted that Turkmenistan’s and Tajikistan’s positions coincided practically on the principal matters of regional and global processes advancement. Our countries stand for preserving and enhancing the stability and security in Central Asia, for excluding conflict situations, resolving all the problems through the instrumentalities of diplomacy, for strengthening of understanding and neighborliness relations, observing and taking into account multilateral interests.

Pending the subject, the Turkmen leader has stated that an overriding role in achieving these goals is assigned to the cooperation and interaction of Turkmenistan and Tajikistan on the global political arena, primarily in the international structures – the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and in several other international organizations. In this context, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov has emphasized and welcomed Tajikistan’s support of Turkmenistan’s candidacy for election to the UN Economic and Social Council and the UNESCO Executive Board, as well as our country’s initiatives in the energy, transport, environment and humanitarian spheres. In turn, the head of state has underlined, the Turkmen side also supports the activities of the Tajik side in the structures of the UN and other international organizations.

Among the important aspects of strengthening regional security included in the agenda of the current negotiations, the nation’s leader called counteraction against terrorism and the attempts of spreading extremist ideology, the activities of criminal groups involved in drug trafficking, arms smuggling, trade in people. Turkmenistan and Tajikistan are ready to cooperate in these issues in the bilateral and multilateral formats, in association with other countries of the region and international organizations, said the head of state.

A separate topic is the situation in Afghanistan, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov has noted, having emphasized that our countries are a single whole in the ways of settling the situation in Afghanistan through peaceful, political means only, on the basis of the nationwide dialogue. In solving the intra-Afghan problems, military, strong-arm tactics are inadmissible and counterproductive, they have no prospects, continued the leader of nation. In this context, the President of Turkmenistan has confirmed our country’s readiness to render to the UN necessary assistance in the issue, assigning thereto important role to the UN Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia.

Turkmenistan and Tajikistan stand for active international aiding to the government of Afghanistan, for assisting Afghanistan to most actively integrate in the regional and international economic processes. It concerns, in particular, such vital spheres as energy and transport.

A necessary aspect of supporting the Afghan people today is a humanitarian component, assistance in training of qualified national personnel for various sectors of the economy and social sphere, the nation’s leader said, having emphasized that in this regard Turkmenistan and Tajikistan express readiness to closely cooperate with the appropriate international organizations.

Pending the subject, the Turkmen leader noted the two friendly countries’ principal stand on such important aspect in ensuring security, as disarmament. Our states are the parties to the Nuclear-Free Zone Treaty in Central Asia – the first-time one of the kind in the Northern hemisphere, and the most important element of preserving continental peace and stability, the head of Turkmenistan said. In this regard, an agreement was reached on furthering these processes in the region on the basis of unwavering commitment to the non-proliferation regime and firm observance of all the provisions of the Treaty.
As the nation’s leader noted, special attention was paid to the water-energy issues in Central Asia. We consider that consideration and solution of these problems should be conducted on the basis of the generally-admitted norms of international law, mutual respect, taking into account the interests of all states of the region and with participation of international organizations, emphasized President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov.

Interrelationship on ecologic problematics is actual one in the context of bilateral cooperation of our countries and in the international format, continued the nation’s leader. In this context, Turkmenistan proposes to intensify and specify the work on creating in the region of Central Asia on a regular basis of specialized structures for international environmental cooperation, said the head of state. Noting that, in particular, the talk is about creating under the auspices and with active participation of the UN of the Regional Center for Climate Change Technologies, the nation’s leader highlighted that our country would come forth with this proposal at the forthcoming session of the UN General Assembly. “We rely upon support of the Tajik side in this matter,” said the President of Turkmenistan.

Emphasizing the notable role of the Joint Intergovernmental Commission for trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation (the sixth meeting of which was held in Dushanbe in the running year’s April), the head of state has acknowledged availability of vast untapped potential for increasing the volumes of trade and investments, for implementing joint projects in various sectors, identifying new areas of interrelationship.

In this context, the President of Turkmenistan has stated that great expectations are laid on the partnership of the two countries’ business communities, expansion of business contacts between the entrepreneurs.

Today, cooperation between the two countries in such strategic sectors, as energy and transport is highly acclaimed, continued President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov. Against this background, great importance is attached to the implementation of the Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Tajikistan-Kyrgyzstan-China gas pipeline construction project.

As the head of state emphasized, new power-generating facilities under construction in Lebap and Mary velayats would result in at least fivefold increase of export volumes of the Turkmen electric power.
In continuation, the leader of nation highlighted the important role of new railways and highways constructed by the two friendly countries. Undoubtedly, it will give a powerful impetus to the economic development of our two states and Central Asia as a whole, to the inflow of investments, development and diversification of relations with other regions, stated the Turkmen leader, having added thereupon that using the within-said advantages, it is advisable to maximum unleash and enact the countries’ joint potential.

Turning to the humanitarian aspect of interstate relations, the head of state has stressed that cooperation in the cultural and scientific spheres is one of the priority trends of the Turkmen-Tajik partnership.

As an eloquent example, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov referred to the measures organized in May of this year in Dushanbe and Khatlon region of Tajikistan, including joint concert of masters of arts of two countries, as well as the exhibition of works of culture and arts of Turkmenistan. The recent translations of poetry collections of the great Turkmen thinkers and poets, Magtymguly and Andalib, into Tajik were landmark cultural events, said the head of Turkmenistan.

While on the subject of Turkmen-Tajik cooperation in the field of education and science, the leader of nation has noted with satisfaction that the training practice of the citizens of Turkmenistan and Tajikistan in higher educational institutions of the two countries keeps well going, and there are regular contacts between prominent figures of science. Declaring the intention to encourage these processes, the head of state noted that over the years ahead, we would actively promote advancement of cultural and scientific exchanges on the systemic basis.

Thereby it was noted that not the least significant was improvement of the legislative basis and identifying practical mechanisms for providing broad humanitarian interaction.

The field of sport was defined among the priorities of the Turkmen-Tajik partnership. Noting that Ashgabat would host in 2017 the Asian Indoor Games and Martial Arts, the nation’s leader expressed intention to create all conditions for the development of cooperation in this field and establishment of productive contacts between the coaches and sportsmen.

As the head of state has emphasized, due to the countries’ integrated efforts, the relations between Turkmenistan and the Republic of Tajikistan are keeping upward trends of advancement. Their salient features are equality, mutual respect, openness and confidence, mutual understanding of the importance of further strengthening of friendship and cooperation between the two brotherly peoples and states.

Truly grateful to the head of Turkmen for the invitation to pay an official visit to Turkmenistan and for warm welcome in the hospitable Turkmen land, the Tajik leader has stressed that our nations are united by firm bonds of friendship and neighborliness, traditional spiritual-cultural ties which are a solid basis for successful development of the interstate dialogue.

Today, our relations are filling in with new content of political, economic, cultural and humanitarian character, noted the President Emomali Rahmon.

Contractual- legal framework of interstate relations rests on about 70 signed bilateral documents, continued the high-ranking guest, expressing interest in enhancing cooperation in the trade, energy, industry, transport, agriculture sectors through establishing direct contacts with business communities of the two countries, joint ventures in the agri-food industry, delivery and selling the Turkmen oil products at the markets of Tajikistan.

As the Tajik leader welcomed also the actively developing dialogue in the cultural-humanitarian sphere. Conducting Culture Days in Tajikistan and Turkmenistan is a by-now good tradition , said the distinguished guest, noting that, despite significant progress and results achieved in the development of bilateral relations, the existing potential of multidimensional cooperation between Tajikistan and Turkmenistan is still not unleashed to its full extent.

Pending the subject of trade and economic relations, President Emomali Rahmon has noted availability of considerable untapped reserves, involvement of which opens good prospects for their further expansion. It is expedient to come into direct contacts between representatives of business structures of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan for promoting upward development of economic and trade relations. In this regard, President Emomali Rahmon has recognized the advisability of establishing the Tajik-Turkmen Business Council, opening of Trade Houses in Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, organizing of joint ventures in several industries of our countries, said the Tajik leader.

Dwelling on the subject of cooperation in the field of healthcare, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan noted with satisfaction that, in accordance with the Protocol of the Joint Intergovernmental Commission, in the running year’s April, the decision was adopted on advancing partnership in this area. The parties initiated establishing interaction between the medical educational institutions for further cooperation and exchange of experience, said the Tajik leader, having expressed confidence that signing of the relevant agreement would serve a strong legal base for the bilateral collaboration.
The high guest defined the field of education to be one of the key aspects of interstate interaction. In this regard, President Emomali Rahmon expressed the Tajik side’s intention to strengthen the established fruitful contacts in this field.

Among the significant vectors in the entire complex of bilateral partnership-based relations, the head of friendly country singled out close cooperation within international and regional organizations. Our countries have a unified position on many topical issues of world policy, supporting the initiatives of each other within such international and regional organizations, as the UN, OSCE, CIS, UNESCO, ISD, TRACECA, EU+Central Asia, Japan+Central Asia, and over Afghan matters.

In conclusion, the head of the Republic of Tajikistan expressed confidence that basing upon long-standing ties of friendship, the Tajik-Turkmen relations would continue to actively develop, acquiring a new concrete content. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the distinguished guest invited President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov to visit the Republic of Tajikistan on an official visit to identify the ways of implementing the agreements reached.

On completion of the enlarged negotiation process, the ceremony of signing bilateral treaties was held in the “Shat” Hall of Ruhyet Palace.

The following documents were signed: Memorandum of Understanding between the State Library of the State Cultural Center of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan and the National Library of the Republic of Tajikistan about library activities; Agreement for cooperation between the State Committee of Turkmenistan for television, radio broadcasting and cinematography and the Television and Radio Committee under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan; Agreement for cooperation in the field of healthcare between the Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan and the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Tajikistan; Program of Cooperation for 2016-2017 between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan.

To the applause of the ceremony attendees, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov and President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon have affixed their signatures to the Joint Statement.

On completion of the signing ceremony, the heads of both countries proceeded to the “Habar” Hall to make a statement to the mass media.

Commenting on the results of the summit, the President of Turkmenistan expressed to the President of the Republic of Tajikistan and all the members of the delegation of the friendly country sincere appreciation for the constructive talks which were centered on the state and prospects of bilateral relations advancement, the issues of regional and international interest-based activity, and the concrete directions of the future-orientated cooperation.

Bilateral relations are developing dynamically and progressively, on the principles of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, the head of state appreciated.

Making public the results of the Ashgabat Summit, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan expressed satisfaction with the results of the visit aimed to further bring together our countries and peoples.
The Tajik leader expressed gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov for the invitation to participate in the events associated with the Declaration of the Year of Peace and Neutrality. President Emomali Rahmon invited the President of Turkmenistan to visit the Republic of Tajikistan on an official visit whenever it would be convenient to him to discuss the issues of further expansion of the Turkmen-Tajik cooperation and the ways of implementing the agreements reached.

In the afternoon, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan headed to the “Halk hakydasy” Memorial Complex.

Upon completion of the flower-laying ceremony, the leader of the friendly country was acquainted with the exhibits of the “Watan mukaddesligi” Museum. After the get-acquainted excursion to the museum, President Emomali Rahmon made an entry into the Distinguished Visitors Book.

Then, the distinguished guest visited the Center of Congresses “Mejlisler merkezi” and the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the Olympic Complex – a would-be venue of V Asian Indoor Games and Martial Arts be held in 2017 in Ashgabat. After reviewing the capital’s new objects and conditions created here for holding large formal events, business meetings, cultural, creative and sports actions, the head of Tajikistan placed a special emphasis on the architectural originality of buildings, whose modern architectural, engineering and technical ideas well blend in with the best traditions of national architecture.

In the evening, the President of Turkmenistan gave an official dinner in honor of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, during which the heads of both states exchanged speeches expressing full satisfaction with the results of the talks.

Then, the Tajik leader headed to the International airport of the capital to leave for the home country.


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