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Children Park and hothouse complex are opened in Mary Region

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Children recreation zone, which has been built on award of one million US dollar given to the district as per the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan as a winner of the best district of the country in 2017, was opened in Veklibazar district, Mary Region.

The construction of the park has been made by «Erkin gurluşyk» private company at work order of Vekilbazar district administration. Performance of children art bands has adorned the opening ceremony.

The Park with symbolical name “Happy Generation” occupies 2 hectares and has all necessary conditions for interesting and active leisure. Recreation zone is equipped with various children amusements and playgrounds. The territory of the park is planted with trees and decorated with flower compositions. Fountain and stage have been built in the centre of the park.

During the ceremony, distinguished construction personnel received presents, however, undoubtedly, happy smiles on the faces of young residents of Vekilbazar district, who became the main participants of the ceremony, were the best award for people who made this children recreation zone.

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New hothouse farm has been opened in Watan farming association, Mary Region. 1,200 tons of vegetables will be produced at the farm each year. Together with auxiliary facilities, the complex occupies five hectares. It was built by “Halal Dogan” private company, the member of the UIET, on beneficial loan granted by the government.

Building materials having heat insulating properties and long service life have been used in the construction of the hothouse. The facility has high technology equipment, automated temperature, lighting, humidity and fertilization support systems.

At the first stage, the farm has started planting tomatoes. In the future, the complex will be increased for cultivation of bell pepper and eggplants.


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