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Rapid rates of the grain harvest campaign

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The wheat harvesting is increasing in all regions of Turkmenistan. Other seven districts have successfully fulfilled contractual obligations on delivery of wheat to the state on June 26.

Ahal Region holds leading positions in current campaign. Farmers of Babadayhan District, who produced more than 58,000 tons of grain, reported about working victory.

Sayat district of the eastern region of the country has executed the state order. 46,000 tons of wheat was produced in the result of hard but coordinated work of grain growers.

Tenants of Mary Region hand over the baton of work success from farm to farm. More than 42,200 tons of wheat were delivered to reception facilities in Sakarchaga district and more than 41,200 tons in Murgab district.

Grain producers of Balkan and Dashoguz Regions, who started collecting the harvest later than other regions of the country due to local climate conditions, try to accelerate the work rates by high quality of organization of this responsible campaign.

Thus, farmers of Gyorogly district, who collected more than 28,500 tons of wheat, as well as tenants of Gubadag district who produced more than 24,000 tons of grain, were the first to report on fulfilment of the state order.

Magtumguly district has accomplished the reaping in the west of the country – more than 5,120 of grain have been delivered by this district.


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